Five Things Friday – Summer Edition Part 3

Happy Friday once again & welcome to another edition of Five Things Friday Summer Edition (Part 3)!

In some ways… it feels crazy to us that we are already writing our third “Five Things Friday” post (See the first and the second). We have done so much in 3 weeks with our business, and are so ecstatic to share it all with you. We did just update our FAQ page, so check it out! And…Let’s get to it.

Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint

Eva – I LOVE this lip color for everyday use. I have used “Envy” for over 2 straight years now. It looks darker than it actually is; it adds just a little bit of color which is perfect for a light makeup look in the summer. And, I find this is a good base coat for when I want to use a darker color over it. I literally always use this lip tint first & always and then add lipstick over it if I want a more dramatic look. This is always my #1 go to for lip color for all day & everyday use.

tarte envy lip color
tarte envy lip color for everyday use
tarte envy lip color for everyday use

Beauty Counter All Bright C Serum

Dawn – The picture below totally explains it all, the wording is 100% what I was going to say in this post! Within two weeks of using this before bedtime, I have noticed a huge change in my skin. It is glowing (in a good way; not oily), and it’s evened out my complexion (I suffer from hyperpigmentation) and there is a noticeable difference in that! Last thing I want to say, I AM OBSESSED WITH THE SMELL OF IT!

beauty counter vitamin C brightening serum

Please note, we are not affiliated with Beauty Counter, but we have two reps to refer you to. Dawn’s girl Emma Bieling & Eva’s long-time friend Katie Tiani. They are both incredible resources and can offer a lot more insight!

Eva – Now Dawn has convinced me to buy this!

beauty counter vitamin C brightening serum

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Spray

Due to my (Dawn) excessive sweating from the heat and humidity, intense workout schedule, and menopause I wake up in the middle of the night with SEVERE leg, foot, and toe cramps. Believe me I drink PLENTY of water all day long (you’ll hardly ever see me without a Poland Spring bottle in my hand)!
My sister-in-law Sara told me about the many benefits of magnesium and suggested I try this brand.
I’m so impressed – it absorbs quickly and I get immediate relief. JUST LIKE MAGIC!!!
Thank you, Sara. I find the best price on Amazon. ️

magnesium oil spray

Pop Up Tent

Perfect for any outdoor function. Very lightweight and easy to set up and take down (it only takes a few minutes start to finish). It’s just one piece so it doesn’t require any assembly.
Very well made and sturdy and water-resistant. The oxford fabric cover blocks up to 99% of the sun UV rays.
It comes with a carrying case which makes it easy to grab-and-go and convenient to store in your house.
Available in multiple colors. Both of us have used this a lot at our houses. Eva and her family use it a lot in their driveway on hot days when they are outside with the kids. That bit of shade really makes a difference!

Deer Defeat

I (Dawn) am very passionate about gardening. I spend many hours buying flowers, planting them, and doing daily maintenance. It is BEYOND frustrating when deer, rabbits, groundhogs etc eat my plants!
Deer Defeat has been a game changer and here’s why…
-Does not need to be reapplied after the rain (to be honest if we have a heavy soaking rain I do reapply)
-Made from all natural ingredients
-Safe for humans, animals, and plants
The bottle says it’s odorless but I DISAGREE – it down right stinks so plug your nose! Lol! The awful smell is so worth it because the end result is so satisfying! It is available on Amazon, also.

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