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Hi all & happy hump day! This Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Double-Ended Mascara is *BRAND NEW* and legitimately just came out last week. We were sold on it through an Instagram ad. Dawn ordered directly through Huda Beauty. She ordered it on the 19th. We had it by the 21st!

We were very excited to get our hands on this – we loved that it is brand new.

Huda Beauty Double-Ended Mascara

So what is it? It is a dual mascara, meaning, two different types in one tube. One side is curling and lengthening, and one side is volume. Pretty neat that it is a “two-in-one”, and you can’t go wrong with the price point of $27.00 for essentially two different types of mascara (you can also get 10% off with your first order @ Huda Beauty). *You can also buy from Sephora!

Huda Beauty Double-Ended Mascara

The website states: “2 BRUSHES, 2 FORMULAS, 1 LEGIT MASCARA”

Huda Beauty Double-Ended Mascara

Dawn’s thoughts:


  • Shipping was extremely quick.
  • Good price for being 2 in 1 & 10% off for signing up for text and/or first order.
  • It’s labeled well. You know which side is which.
  • Definitely lengthens lashes and makes them look fuller.
  • It is good for travel since it is 2 in 1: throw in your bag and go; you would not need to bring other mascara’s with you.
  • Could use smaller end just by itself – therefore you have options. You can have a more subtle lash or more bold.
  • Today is almost a week of using it I have really gotten the hang of it and I love it!


  • It did flake a little after exercising – only slightly. My eyes are sensitive so I notice that quickly.
  • Feels the packaging is a little bulky for my liking, but not horrible, just bigger than most (makes sense since it’s essentially 2 mascaras…ha!).

I definitely do recommend trying it – it is so versatile and a ton of options. Just be patient and don’t give up after the first try.

Dawn's before and after with the new huda beauty mascara
Look at that length & volume!

Eva’s thoughts:

I REALLY like it! I would definitely buy it again since it is two-in-one, and I always use 3+ mascaras at a time (lol). That is a blog post for another day 😉

Story time: Monday morning we went to BodyPump, and Dawn kept staring at me. She had no idea I had the mascara on. She stopped me mid-sentence and said “OMG YOUR EYELASHES LOOK FANTASTIC”… little did she know I had the new Huda Beauty on! #itworks.

Eva's before and after with the new huda beauty mascara

I am happy with the Huda Beauty Double-Ended Legit Lashes Mascara and don’t have any cons. It did not flake on me after exercising. It’s not my end-all-be-all mascara, since as I said I always use multiple at once, but this one really does deliver. I will continue to use it and will definitely buy another one at some point.

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We found the best deal at Huda Beauty with 10% off your first order.

See you all on Friday!

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