Five Things Friday – Summer Edition Part 4

Welcome to our Five Things Friday – Summer Edition Part 4! This will be our last one and we will transition into Fall items starting next week.

five things friday summer edition part 4

Can you believe it is almost September? In some ways this summer has flown but in some ways given the pandemic, it has gone extremely slow… one day at a time, right?!

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So let’s get started!


Dawn: Originally I was going to get the Yeti hopper flip portable cooler but after reading other people’s reviews I decided to buy the Homitt cooler and boy am I happy that I did!
I pack a cooler everyday before I leave my house no matter where I’m going. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made and here are some of the reasons why:

  • soft cooler
  • leakproof
  • keeps everything very cold
  • has side handles and a shoulder strap for carrying
  • front zipper pocket and back mesh pocket

*Please note the zipper is a little tough to open and close. It does come with a lubricant which I recommend using fairly often to keep it from stuffing up.

One last thing Homitt has a great customer service – always a huge plus!

Five Things Friday Summer Edition Part 4 Homitt cooler! great price and really works. great for all year round!


Moving on…

Don’t let the size fool you! For such a small speaker it has a BIG sound. Easy to connect to Bluetooth, has a built-in rechargeable battery, 7 hours of playtime and it’s water-resistant. We are absolutely obsessed with this little sucker!

The best $9.88 you can spend.

In all seriousness, this was found by Eva’s husband Nick at Walmart. It really does work and you absolutely cannot beat the price. Perfect for small table gatherings, etc. Dawn saw it at Eva’s house and bought it immediately that same day from her phone, ha!

the best less than $10 bluetooth speaker. best on the go speaker


Ready for some beauty products?

I (Dawn) literally have this spray everywhere: makeup cabinet, purse, car, work, beach & gym bags, luggage, etc. I’ve been using it for a few years now. Makes my face feel hydrated and refreshed & gives skin a nice dewy glow. The scent is very calming. This can also be used on hair as well to hydrate.

Five Things Friday Summer Edition Part 4 Mario Badescu facial spray. Feels amazing! refreshing in the humid summer heat . great for that dewy glow


Let’s look at some makeup!

Dawn: LOVE THIS CREAM!!!This can be used in place of your moisturizer to hydrate and add a soft glow to your skin before applying foundation. I use it as a highlighter on my cheeks, forehead, top of nose, chin, and arch of my eyebrows. This will give you that J-Lo Glow! This comes in a mini size 1.0 oz $16.00 (at Ulta only) and 1.7 oz $35.00 (directly from Mac). *a little goes a long way so the mini size is a great deal.* Available in 4 shades from Mac website and the first 3 from Ulta: Goldlite, Pinklite, Redlite, & Silverlite.

Five Things Friday Summer Edition Part 4 mac strobe cream highlighter - makes your face just luminate! use on cheeks, forehead, nose, etc
mac strobe light colors


Last but not least!

Dawn: 80% of the time you see me my hair is in a ponytail. Some of my friends call me “the ponytail queen!”
I discovered Invisibobble hair ties a few months ago.
They don’t pull my hair out like elastic hair bands do; less tangling and breakage. I’ve even noticed I no longer get ponytail headaches. They do stretch during use but shrink back after removing them.
On a side note…they look super cute wearing them around your wrist!

Five Things Friday Summer Edition Part 4 invisibobble amazing hair ties - dont snag, tangle, or break your hair and good for that ponytail queen!

So that’s it for our Five Things Friday Summer Edition part 4! Next week we will get into some Fall Finds.

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