Welcome to our Five Things Friday Part 5! This time bringing you some of our COVID-inspired items we have loved during this time.

Five things Friday part 5 COVID inspired edition

Covid Edition!

So there are, of course, more than five things “covid-related” we have been fond of & discovered throughout this pandemic, but we are just going to share our 5 most favorite today. See our previous Five Things Friday here.

LTC Hand Sanitizer (local)

First things first, let’s shop LOCAL! and this is not sponsored.

Dawn. BY FAR MY FAVORITE HAND SANITIZER!! I found this hidden gem at the Norwalk Pharmacy. The pretty cobalt blue bottle caught my eye and I just had to buy one. As soon as I got in my car I had to use it.

  • The smell is absolutely fabulous
  • It’s not sticky; dries quickly
  • Left my hands feeling silky soft and smooth.
  • Made with aloe & essential oils
  • Naturally fragranced
  • For 20% off-use code 20OFF
  • Orders arrive in a timely manner – huge plus as it seems almost impossible to buy sanitizing products these days

I actually went right back into the pharmacy and purchased 5 more bottles (shocker!!), and I gave one of the bottles to my husband to try & he loved it!

LTC local hand sanitizer - great to have during COVID!

There are bottles in all of our bathrooms, kitchen, purse and car. Guests come over and always ask me “where did you get the hand sanitizer?”

I was curious myself about LTC company so I googled it and found out it’s a local based company out of Darien, Fairfield, and Monroe.
Orders can be placed online! They have 2 oz bottles and all the way up to 32 oz bottles.

Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap

Moving on to a really good hand soap we both love.

We cannot say this enough: “BUY IT” and you won’t regret it!
The gentle foaming soap washes away all dirt and germs and isn’t harsh on your hands.
The scents are so refreshing without being overpowering. We stock up on all different scents but we do have some favorites.
Dawn’s are eucalyptus mint and fresh cotton.
Eva’s are french lavender and sea island cotton.
And we both love kitchen lemon!

Always a steal at 4/$20 or 6/$26

bath & body works soap - not overpowering & works well

bath & body works soap - not overpowering & works well

Bye Bye Germs Sanitizing Wipes

Since we are on the topic of sanitizers and soaps, here are some really awesome wipes!

Bye! Bye! Germ OMG! All purpose sanitizing wipes are powerful enough to get rid of 99.9% of germs, yet gentle enough for your skin.
Easy to use wipes makes it efficient to wipe away dirt messes on skin and surfaces. DO NOT USE ON YOUR FACE!
           1. Travel friendly pouch
           2. Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1%
           3. FDA Registered
           4. Pack/10 wipes
The wipes are super soft but very durable. The wipes smell clean and fresh. Perfect to put everywhere you would need a wipe (except for your face!).

Bye Bye Germs sanitizing wipes.. great for everywhere but your face!

Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray

Approaching #4… Let’s talk about a spray we discovered just a few months ago.

Eva. I started ordering this antibacterial spray on amazon months ago. I did the “subscribe and save”. It is now really hard to get it seems! It’s pretty self-explanatory – a spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria, and sanitizes & freshens fabric.

After some research, I have found it on Bj’s and Walmart. I actually carry this with my in my purse and take it to the gym with me every.single.class, and I like to spray myself (lol), well, my clothes, after every fitness class I teach. The smell is fantastic, too.

I also keep this product in all areas of our house – basement, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.

Love this tide antibacterial fabric spray. I spray myself down after every fitness class i teach at the gym.
Eva uses this after every class she teaches at the Edge. Love this tide fabric spray
Real Life at the Edge.

Shubby Dubby Quilts” Masks

Last but not least, some handmade (with love!) masks!

Eva. My mom (aka Shubby and aka Nana) is the cutest thing and is crushing it making masks for our community, and yes, she ships! She makes adult masks of all kinds and for kids. They are 100% handmade with love.

Check out her instagram! Pictures do not do her work justice.

Shubby Dubby Quilt masks. Perfect for kids and adults. all hand made!

She invests a ton in high quality fabric. She is amazing at sewing and truly enjoys it. I am incredibly proud of her. Also, great job to my niece Gigi for running the social media for “Nana”!

You can message her on Instagram DM’s and she will work out prices for you.

Shubby Dubby Quilt masks. Perfect for kids and adults. all hand made!

Shubby Dubby Quilt masks. Perfect for kids and adults. all hand made!

Shubby Dubby Quilt masks. Perfect for kids and adults. all hand made!

Me (Eva) and my two kids!

*She also can make pretty much anything… not just masks!

There it is, friends! 5 of our favorite “COVID” themed items this week. What are your favorite finds?

We hope you are all healthy and safe. And on that note, have a happy, safe, and healthy Labor Day Weekend!

XO, the cousins.

Eva & Dawn. The Cousin Connections!

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