Hey there! Five Things Friday Part 7(!!!) coming in hot. 7 weeks of creating blog posts and it’s gone by incredibly fast. Broken record saying this but we are truly enjoying creating the content for you all!

Can you also believe it is FALL in just a few days? We are LOVING this cooler weather!

Five Things Friday part 7!!!

Today is a good mix of items… mostly from Dawn ♥︎

Origins Ginger Body Scrub

Dawn here! I’ve been using this product for years, since the 90’s!

I remember going to visit my friend Lisa at her new job at the Origins Store in the Stamford Mall.  She was excited to be working for a company using natural & organic products. She introduced so many wonderful products to me, one being the Incredible Ginger Body Scrub. I’ve been using it ever since!!!

Origins Ginger Body Scrub..part of our five things friday!

Love the way it gently exfoliates my rough, dry skin and leaves it feeling soft and rejuvenated! I’m totally obsessed with the smell of it!

Another “staple” product of mine…. It’s in my shower at all times!

You can also get a deal, code “FAM20”:

deal you can snag for the ginger body scrub!

New Skin Liquid Bandage

OK so the second one is also from me, Dawn.

I am an accident waiting to happen. I’m constantly injuring myself! Ugh! #thestruggleisreal.

On Sunday while unloading my dishwasher I sliced my finger open right on my knuckle with a sharp knife!! OUCH!! Once I cleaned up the wound I applied New Skin.

new skin - great for healing skin... part of Five Things Friday part 7!

I’m sure many of you probably heard of or have already used New Skin but for those that haven’t, it’s a must have in your medicine cabinet.

It is a waterproof liquid bandage for your skin that heals your cuts like magic within days. I have to warn you that it does string a little!

This product has been life changing for me and my husband who is also accident prone! It must be a family thing! Lol!

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps (GF) Minis Original Flavor

PHEW! That is a long title for #3!

Dawn here..again. Let me start by saying I do have a sensitivity to gluten but I do not have celiac disease.

THESE PRETZELS ARE MY #1 GO TO SNACK! Only 110 calories for 35 minis! They are thin, crispy, and full of pretzel flavor, so you won’t believe that they are gluten free. 

great gluten free mini pretzels!

When Eva’s daughter Caroline comes to my house she always ask for some of “Auntie Dawn’s yummy pretzels!” (Eva here – every time I am with Dawn, which is weekly, she has 1-2 bags in her purse at all times and is constantly eating them. lol)

They can be difficult to find in stores so I stock up on them from walmart.

If you are a pretzel lover I suggest you give these adorable tasty minis a try!

Next up..some makeup and hair ♥︎

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

We are almost through the list at #4!

Dawn – This is the only mascara that I can wear on my bottom lashes that won’t give me raccoon eyes, and it’s very long lasting!!

The wand and bristles are teeny tiny (half the size of a regular brush), which is perfect for coating lower lashes precisely. I even use this on my upper lashes as a finishing coat.

teeny tiny mascara - clinique lower lash. Five Things Friday Part 7!
Teeny Tiny Mascara!

I highly recommend if you like your lower lashes to POP!!!

P.S. I purchased one for Eva to try so I’m curious to hear what she thinks….

Eva here – I just tried it this morning and really like it. Dawn’s assessment above is exactly how I feel – it’s very precise and impossible to clump. Clumping is my pet-peeve on my bottom lashes. To be honest, I didn’t even know this existed; Dawn told me about it & then surprised me with it. Super happy with the results, and I like having a mascara to evenly do the bottom lash, which is my biggest challenge!

SO! Last but not least….

Dry Bar Detox Conditioner

#5! Last one for today.

We have all heard of dry shampoo, but it’s rare you hear about a “dry conditioner“, right?

We both really love this dry conditioner.

Detox Dry Condioner. we both love this! Five Things Friday part 7

I (Dawn) especially like it when my hair looks dull and my ends look frizzy and dry! Every morning I spray it on my ponytail before I do anything.

I (Eva) love to use this after sweaty double late-night fitness classes I teach at the gym.

To be honest…we both struggle to find a REALLY good dry shampoo. Does anyone have any recommendations?

If we had to choose, we do like Dry Bar brand as pictured below, but we are still on the hunt something just a tad better, which is why we 100% gravitate towards the dry conditioner. Just works better for both of us!

Decent dry shampoo. We are still on the hunt for the BEST though!

Quick review for this one…but sometimes we like to just keep it straight to the point. ha!

So there it is…our Five Fav’s for this week (part 7!) Read Part 6 here.

Another week down and the weekend is here!

What is everyone up to this weekend? Any questions – we are here to answer!

XO, Dawn & Eva

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