TGIF! Five Things Friday Part 9 is here, and we have, as always, a good mix to share with you!

How is everyone’s October going? Hopefully you are all happy, healthy, and safe.

SO, let’s get to it! To clarify, we both collaborate on the product reviews… some are by Eva solely, some Dawn soley, and some are mix. We always will tell you whose voice it is. First up is Eva, and Dawn the remaining 4!


I, Eva, bought this cream for my son. He has major eczema and this was recommended to me to help clear his skin. THIS WORKS!

Luke will go to bed with what feels like a million dry eczema spots on his hands, arms, and legs and with a heavy dose of this on his body, he will wake up clear. It’s awesome. Just ask my husband – he feels the “wrath of Eva” when he forgets to put this on Luke at night when I’m teaching at the Edge. 😂

Cerave best cream - five things friday part 9!

Consequently, I love it so much on him that I also use it now when my hands AND face are feeling extra dry. I mean in all honesty I would not use this on your face often – it is thick and I worry it may cause breakouts but it is really awesome for hands, arms, creases of elbows, knees, and legs.

In short, super simple review but really this moisturizing lotion rocks.

Next up is Dawn, and we will continue with the beauty products and end with 2 home product.

Billion Dollar Brows Butter Pomade

Dawn ~ Now that I’m getting older I’ve noticed that my eyebrows are very sparse. The “sparse-ness” is even more noticeable because my eyebrows are so dark.

As a result, I’ve tried “many” eyebrow products to help cover my bare spots. The only one that completely covers, blends effortlessly, and has a long lasting effect is Billion Dollar Brown Butter Pomade.

I love that it comes with a mini brush to help with application. Depending on whether you like natural or bold looking eyebrows, the texture of the pomade butter glides on smooth to cover brows and skin with a flawless finish.

billion dollar brows. great for filling in and easy to use. five things friday part 9!

So, Ipsy introduced this product to me about a year ago, and I just had to order a refill (so it does last a long time) a few weeks ago. When placing my order I decided to add another one for Eva to try. Would love to hear what she thinks of it…

(Eva – my color is too light – I need the darker one to really have an opinion 😉 HOWEVER the application is super easy the brush and product really do go on effortlessly like Dawn said. If you are blonde, get the darker color and not the taupe.. it’s too gray looking).

Speaking of eyes, let’s discuss some eye drops I really love.

Lumify Eye Drops

Dawn~ I have very sensitive eyes they are always irritated, dry and red from allergies, dry from makeup, and dry from being tired.

I received a free sample several months ago in the mail of Lumify Eye Drops by Bausch&Lomb. I was hesitant at first to use it but I am constantly putting some kind of drops in my eyes so I figured why not give this a try!

Just one drop in each eye and I felt instant relief. The dryness, itchiness and 100% of the redness was gone in seconds. 

lumify eye drops, works wonders for dry eyes. five things friday part 9

This is a little more expensive than other similar products but well worth it!

Above all, I love Lumify so much that I have it in my medicine cabinet, makeup bag, suitcase, gym bag, beach bag, purse and car! 

Next… there are 2 “home” products I am going to take you through.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

So, #4 really is worth discussing.


I (Dawn) use this everyday on my exercise shirts. It refreshes and get the wrinkles out without having to take the iron out. As a result, this has truly been a lifesaver for me because I always seem to be in a hurry.

Simple and easy to use: spray and stretch the wrinkles out by pulling or gliding your hand over the fabric.

downy wrinkle release, great for on the go!! five things friday part 9

To be clear, it will NOT remove every single wrinkle but it works great on cotton.

Also, great to use before ironing or steaming to help get deep wrinkles out. Sometimes I will spray on my clothes and put them in the dryer for a few minutes, and they come out ready to wear.

I don’t travel without the mini size – it’s always in my suitcase.

One last thing: my husband who LOVES to iron has been using DWR daily on his work clothes, and he is so pleased with the results that he hasn’t use the iron in months!!!

Eva – I LOVE THIS!! Dawn’s review couldn’t be more spot on. Often times for my previous office job, I needed to absolutely take wrinkles out of shirts, and I NEVER have time to iron and this worked perfectly. Thumbs up.

Critter Ridder

The last one for Five things Friday Part 9, and this one makes perfect sense as we are putting pumpkins outside.

Dawn here for the last product! If you love to decorate your front porch, balcony, deck, yard, etc. (as much as I do) for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving you will more than likely have a pumpkin or two or in my case 80…. not a typo, I really have over 80 pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors in my yard! AND… Animals “LOVE” to eat pumpkins!!

Not only does this ruin them it makes quite a MESS! 😡 I’ve tried just about everything to deter them from taking a bite out of them. My husband found Critter Ridder at Home Depot and told me to give it a try.

critter ridder, really works to prevent animals from eating your pumpkins! five things friday part 9!

*by the way, I have searched high and low on price points and Home Depot has the best price.

To be honest, I thought this is going to be another waste of time and money! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised: it actually down right shocked me that it worked.

I GENEROUSLY sprayed all of my pumpkins with Critter Ridder and I do reapply after it rains.

Critter Ridder is an organic animal repellent that contains three different peppers, the oil of black pepper, pipeline and capsaicin. It works on animal’s sense of smell, taste, and touch. The website says that the sensation is similar to biting into a red-hot jalapeño.

My biggest advice is to…REMEMBER TO REAPPLY AFTER HEAVY RAIN!!! I highly recommend this product as an effective safe way to deter animals from eating your pumpkins!

PHEW if you got through that one! To sum it up, that was #5 and the last.

As always, and we mean it, we enjoyed putting this together for our Five Things Friday #9! (See our previous FTF here)

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday. In addition, remember today is also Fashion Friday! We are also on and you can easily shop our looks – it is such an AWESOME (and user-friendly) platform!

dawn and eva.. typical post gym selife @ the Edge Norwalk. five things friday part 9!

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  1. That Wrinkle Releaser product by Downy is my FAVE….been using it for years actually and it’s such a lifesaver…I never iron t-shirts and other items any more! I absolutely HATE to iron but have to iron my hubby’s dress shirts for work and they need a crease, but otherwise I hardly iron anything….the best!
    And will that critter spray work on plants in the spring and summer too from getting those pesky rodents from eating my plants? I think you mentioned another spray earlier on but I can’t find it in my hundreds of emails. Please let me know girls….love reading all these things too!

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