Five Things Friday Part 10! Who is excited? Well… we are. 😂

We are in go-go-go mode on Friday. So many things happening that we are always on the edge of our seats to share with you! Fashion Friday, Five Things Friday…it’s ALL good stuff!


As always, we have an interesting mix for Five Things Friday Part 10 today.

Firt things first… here is an amazing makeup brush shampoo we must talk about. I, Eva, rarely clean my makeup brushes. YIKES! I was so amazed how clean Dawn’s brushes came out when we reviewed our IT Cosmetics Brushes, so this stuff really works, and we both knew that she must write a review on it!

Coastal Scent Brush Shampoo

Dawn~ First, I should mention that I TRY to keep my brushes clean but every once in awhile I drop the ball on it! Washing your brushes regularly is important to help prevent skin irritation.

The morning of our video on IT cosmetic brushes and contouring I realized that my brushes were pretty dirty. Ugh!!! COASTAL SCENT BRUSH SHAMPOO TO THE RESCUE!!! 🤩

lighting isn’t the best, but you get the idea! before on the left and after on the right.

I applied a small amount of shampoo directly into the palm of my hand and gently swirled around the wet bristles, and it literally washes all the makeup away in seconds. I then rinsed thoroughly and used my finger and paper towels to get the excess water out, then I laid flat to dry.

This cleaner conditions the bristles and leaves them feeling silky soft. Maintaining clean brushes will help to keep them looking just like brand new.

This is an awesome product, especially for the price!

berst makeup brush cleaner. Five things friday part 10!

Continuing on the makeup train for #2.

MAC Extended Gigablack Lash

I (Dawn) love makeup period.

However, mascara is definitely my favorite product and I’m totally obsessed with it. Mascara is the ONE thing that I won’t leave home without. My makeup cabinet consists of so many different mascaras, your head would spin if I showed you all of them! Lol!

One of my “staples” is MAC Extended Gigablack Lash and this is why…

  • defines and separates
  • easy application
  • clump proof
  • doesn’t flake
  • lengthens
  • really is a GREAT BRUSH
  • long lasting
  • waterproof but will wash off with warm water
best mac mascara for a finished touch! - five things friday part 10

In addition to what Dawn has said above, I, Eva, have been using this mascara since 2013!! It is a staple I cannot live without. My good friend Kelly (Hi Kelly!) took me to MAC to get my makeup done for my birthday that year, and MAC gave this to me for free. I have been hooked since. Good job, Mac, lol.

I use it as my “last coat“, in a similar manner and much like the clinique lower lash one we spoke about. I can’t get enough of how it separates (declumps) and lengthens your lashes. Truly a must have and I hope they never stop making this!

best mac mascara for a finished touch! - five things friday part 10
Don’t mind how dirty it looks.. It gets a lot of use!

Ulta Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

Ok friends, finishing the makeup products portion of Five Things Friday for #3.

Am I (Dawn) the only one who has had issues with finding a decent cosmetic sharpener?!?!

This is the best sharpener I have ever had and it only costs $2.50. Believe me, I have a million sharpeners (some very expensive) and this one blows them away!

ulta pencil sharpener, cheap and effective... five things friday part 10
the beauty!!! actual picture of my sharpener on my bathroom sink.

I love this because it sharpens quickly and efficiently without wasting too much of the pencil, leaves the pencil nice and smooth, and it has a cover on it that catches and prevents the mess of shavings. The cover snaps on and off to make it easy to empty the shavings into the garbage.

Lastly, the sharpener has two different size openings: one for standard pencils and the other for larger ones. It fits almost all size and brands of cosmetic pencils.


SO…. Dawn here still and I am finishing with #4 and #5.

Badia Natural Herb Tea

Don’t let the name fool you as to why I, Dawn, drink this tea.

So, I feel like I need to fully explain why I LOVE this tea SO MUCH! I have struggled my whole life (since I was an infant) with constipation issues. I KNOW TMI! SORRY!

About 20 years ago my doctor mentioned that some of her patients were having great results from drinking Badia Natural Slimming Tea, so she recommended that I try it. I said to myself why not I’ve tried everything else so I guess drinking some tea can’t hurt. TO MY SURPRISE THIS HAS TRULY BEEN LIFE CHANGING!!

badia herb tea. five things friday part 10

Every night before bedtime I will have a cup of Badia tea with 2 tea bags. I drink my tea black but it’s ok to add whatever you like to it.

Note: it is an acquired taste for some…. Not me, I LOVE the taste!

Lastly, I want to share a quick story…About 16 years ago I couldn’t find “my tea” at any of the local grocery stores.  I was in complete panic mode!! My husband knows the importance of this tea and he set out to find some for me. He ended up at the Stop&Shop in Monroe, CT where he hit pay dirt. He came home with 20 boxes of tea – he purchased everyone that they had, HA!!

Since then Amazon carries it and I ALWAYS keep my pantry well stocked!

So to finish here, since we are on the topic of more home-based finds, next up for #5 is a diffuser I am obsessed with.

Nest Diffuser

Dawn again finishing this up! I AM CRAZY ABOUT NEST DIFFUSERS!!!

They smell so incredibly insanely AWESOME. The scents (in my opinion) are not overpowering but will fill the room with an elegant fragrance. I’ve had guests commenting on how great my house always smells.

This is a cute story – we were having our ductwork cleaned at our house by Ultra Clean Air. One of the workers said there is such a lovely aroma in your house. I told him it was coming from my Nest diffusers, and that I have them in several rooms. He then said I need to get some for my house. As usual, I have a few backup diffusers (SHOCKER) so I sent him home with one. He said that I made his day! 😀

nest diffusers - LOVE! five things friday part 10
they look gorgeous in my house, too!

So, with all of that said, some of my favorite scents are: Bamboo, Moroccan Amber, Grapefruit, Ocean Mist&Sea Salt and Holiday. Easy to set up and comes with an attractive bottle to put the fragrance and reeds in.

I will say…THEY ARE PRICEY but WELL WORTH IT because the scent will last up to 3-6 months.

Here’s a tip: turn the reeds around once a month, that will help to refresh the scent.

I recently found out when I went to order a Nest diffuser on Amazon for a birthday present that the diffuser scent refills are now available. Winner winner chicken dinner!!

PS. I also highly recommend Nest Candles. I’m sure they will be featured on FTF at some point!

That concludes PART 10 of Five Things Friday! We hope you enjoy our random mix of things.

Question: Do you clean your makeup brushes regularly or are you more like Eva who just never does it? lol

Today is also FASHION FRIDAY! Our page is updated and there are some amazing new things happening at Savvi! Think… fab fit fun married stitch fix and had a baby (LOL thank you for that one, Jessica!)

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