Five Things Friday Part 11 is here and we are, as always, excited to share our latest favorite things.

How is everyone’s October going? We are knee-deep in so many things and it’s certainly keeping our days jam packed. We are SAVVI obsessed…. check out our video if you haven’t yet.

So moving on… this post is mostly beauty focused. I mean, we do love beauty products!

five things friday part 11. best beauty products this week!

FIRST UP! What would we ever do without selfies?

Selfie Ring Light

Dawn here. This has been seriously a game charger for me! I CAN’T TAKE A GOOD SELFIE IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! Ugh!

Insert this magnificent affordable selfie ring light with tripod stand and I NO longer get anxiety when Eva asks me to send her a selfie or a video for our business. She manages all of our social media. Eva you are the best! THANK YOU! 

It is super easy to assemble and use. Just follow the instructions. It comes with a bluetooth remote, which I love. My phone (iPhone 11) fits perfectly in the stand and doesn’t pop out!

amazing selfie light.. five things friday part 11

The light has 3 different settings: white, warm yellow, and warm white. The tripod stand allows you to adjust it to your liking, and it can be used on a table, floor, or as a selfie stick. I also use this as a makeup light since the lighting in my bedroom is not always the best.

Only warning! BE CAREFUL it’s easy to tip it over. I’ve accidentally knocked it over several times and thankfully have been able to put it back together! PHEW!!!

Eva here..hi! So I actually bought this first and Dawn was hooked once she saw mine. This is definitely a good tool and it is used by us in every video and selfie post we do. Dawn wrote a great review above so I won’t be repetitive but do be careful – it does fall down so easily (kind of annoying to me actually).

amazing selfie light.. five things friday part 11
The actual light in my office… speaking of…office is getting re-done next week!!

Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence

Sticking with the beauty trend for this week, #2 is a great product for the face.

Dawn here….I highly recommend this hyaluronic acid, especially for mature skin. I use this daily, and my skin absorbs it like a sponge!

It leaves my skin feeling fresh, hydrated, plumped and baby smooth. My skin is NOT sticky like some hyaluronic acid products can be. Thankfully it also does not irritate my skin or cause breakouts. As a result, the elasticity has greatly improved and my skin is visibly healthier.

Lastly, one or two pumps covers my whole face and neck, so in other words the bottle lasts a long time. For the amount of product you get and how much you use, this is such a GREAT VALUE!!

best hyaluronic acid for mature skin. five things friday part 11

Nars Orgasm Blush

I, Eva, can’t believe we haven’t talked about this sooner… #3 is a classic makeup staple. We both love this!

Dawn – An oldie but a goodie!!

NARS Orgasm Blush has been around for years, I believe since 1999! No matter how many times I switch to something else, I keep coming back to this.

nars classic orgasm blush. five things friday part 11

Best way to describe this shade is it’s a warm apricot-pink color with golden shimmer highlights. IT’S VERY NATURAL LOOKING! The most amazing thing about this blush is it works for all complexions. To me that speaks volumes.

If you are looking for the perfect blush that will never let you down, this is it! THANK YOU, NARS!

Becca Cosmetics Zero No Pigment Foundation

As we make our way down the list for #4, this is a very unique face makeup product.

I (Dawn) have to say I’m a loving Becca Cosmetics products (look for more to come in future FTF posts) but I did hesitate to purchase this one. I’M GLAD I DIDN’T LISTEN TO MY HESITATION!!

This product is quite interesting, and the fact that it’s a pigment-less foundation kinda blows my mind. In my mind foundation should have color. The reason I like this so much is it’s a great alternative for days that I want more of a natural look. I have sensitive/combination skin that tends to fair on oily, mostly within my T-zone area. I love that this doesn’t irritate my skin like some heavy foundations do. It even helps to control my oily areas.

becca zero pigment foundation. five things friday part 11

This product absolutely delivers. It feels luxurious, cooling, and it creates a nice blurring effect with hydration.

So with all of that said, for the best application, use after your skin care routine. Scoop up a small amount with the adorable spatula that it comes with and warm in between fingers and apply to face. Then proceed with the rest of your makeup regimen. If you are a more natural makeup person, this is a great product to try!!!

actually wearing the becca no pigment foundation.
This is how it looks!

Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Toilette

We are on the last one for today & hope you have enjoyed FTF Part 11!

Dawn again….I’m in LOVE with this fragrance. Why? Because it’s classic, feminine, and elegant.


Philosophy pure grace. amazing natural scent!

I have read other reviews that say the scent is NOT long lasting but I have NOT experienced that! This has been a favorite fragrance of mine for sometime now. It draws lots of compliments, and who doesn’t love a nice compliment?!?! I sure do! 

I’ve turned many of my friends onto this and they love it just as much as I do. My friends say: “NOBODY SMELLS BETTER THAN DAWN!” Lol! I am a broken record here but truthfully it is such a lovely fragrance. It gives you the feel like you just stepped out of the shower!

Eva here…. and that concludes today’s Five Things Friday! I seriously crack up and laugh when I read Dawn’s reviews. If you know her personally, you can totally picture her voice saying these.

So while I may manage the social media and craft these posts, Dawn is truly the brains behind these successful “FTF” posts… Thank YOU, Dawn! We are enjoying putting these together & as always hope you get something out of it!


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