Hello & good morning (or afternoon by the time this is posted, lol) on this fine Tuesday in Wilton, CT. What in the world is LIKEtoKNOW.it? We have been asked this a few times, but also realize we may be a little late to the party 🤣

Dawn and I got together yesterday to record a super quick video on what LIKEtoKNOW.it is.

The short answer is… yes.. it’s another “platform” but it is super easy to USE and SHOP from! We love the user-friendly experience. CLICK AND SHOP!!

Without further ado:

Liketoknow.it. the best shopping platform and user friendly!

We do have our favorite makeup, skincare, and haircare all linked on this website, also! We are just trying to cover all our bases.

Have you heard of this platform before?

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2 thoughts on “WHAT IS LIKETOKNOW.IT?

  1. I love liketoknowit! I have ordered two pairs of the UGG boots that Dawn has. The tan ones just came today and I love them! So comfortable! I have the J Crew navy blue wedges that Eva has. I had the black ones from last year and loved them! I ordered two pairs of the TOM boots yesterday that Eva has. Can’t wait to get those! This is a great site and so easy to order!

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