Gift Guides Part 4 (Five Things Friday Part 20!!!!!) is coming at you! This will be our last Five Things Friday until January 2021! In all honesty, we feel everyone needs a break from blogs, social media, shopping and/or spending $, and we are sensitive to that!

See Part One, Two, and Three!

We are going to keep this post light, easy, and fun. Have a look below and hope you are staying sane in the final days of 2020!

gift guides part 4!!! five things friday part 20 with a random mix!
Links are below ⬇️

AB Roller | Resistance Bands | Spanx Original | Spanx Moto | Tumbler | Blanket #1 | Blanket #2 | Back & Neck Massager | Charging Station | Copper Mugs | mac run the show kit | bareminerals lip gloss set | LED Mirror | men’s slippers | women’s slippers | SPLURGE Gucci Belt!

The Gucci Belt is one of my (Eva) favorites. It is a TOTAL SPLURGE but I am seriously obsessed with this belt, and I have had it for years. Quality is top notch.

With that said, a great alternative, though, are the belts at Express. You cannot go wrong for a much, much better price. Express belts are Dawn’s favorite, by the way. You see her in many outfits on our page wearing it!

Even if you don’t need x-mas gifts, I am sure some of you know someone with a January birthday and could use these ideas! Fun Fact – my son, Luke, will be 2 on Jan 4th. It is definitely crazy trying to buy Christmas and Birthday gifts for him 😉 I’ve been scouring gift guides myself. haha.

We hope you have enjoyed our Gift Guides. They are always fun to put together and get creative with at the same time.

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