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So.. there really is two sides of me. And my daily look is very different from Eva’s.

This is really because my lifestyle for 30+ years was to throw on work out clothes, run my house cleaning business, and hair in ponytail. I would sweat so much during the day it just wasn’t worth it. My mature skin also can’t handle a lot of heavy makeup everyday. Eva went to an office everyday so she got really accustomed to a different lifestyle.

Daily – I wear makeup but I keep it very simple. 90% of the time my hair is in a ponytail. I NEVER leave home without mascara.

Going out – (even though we aren’t doing much of this these days) I have a WHOLE DIFFERENT regimen. I wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, bright lipstick, colored foundation. I like a lot of sparkles and shimmers. LOL.

BUT for today’s makeup bag, I’m showing you my DAILY LOOK!

(Also.. Eva and I are total opposite, I ALWAYS do my hair first then makeup)

First things first, PRIMER. Eva got me into this one and I LOVE IT. Please note I really do use a lot of mascaras… lol. I focus a lot on eyes (but no eyeliner in this everyday look).

Details or products used will be listed under the video.. just click the underlined text!

SEE PIC BELOW for what I used!

All over face primer

Under eye primer #1

Under eye primer #2

Highlighter (not pictured but #3 product used in video)

No Pigment Foundation

Setting powder & Brush

Bronzer & Brush

Blush & Brush


Lash Primer #1

Lash Primer #2

Mascara #1

Lash Comb

Tiny lash mascara for #2 (use for top & bottom. great for de-clumping!!)

Mascara #3

LIP Mask!

Lip Gloss

So there you have it!

A bit of a different look from Eva but it’s really only because our professions up until this point have been so different.

To all you young gals, MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN please!!! Start now. It makes a huge difference!

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