The title, “Wrinkles Shcminkles” is not a joke. This is actually what the brand & company is called!

Dawn here!

I am giving you my review of the Wrinkles Schminkles brand silicone patches.

wrinkles schminkles- medical grade silicone patches for face, neck, & chest!
Such pretty packaging 😍

A little background: I was sold on this through a Talk Show on TV where Brooke Burke talking about it. She peeled it off her chest and I looked them up and was like OMG I NEED THIS. lol.

Amazon to the rescue.

You may have seen that makeup artists have been using them for quite some time, however, they weren’t available to public. Now are finally available and are globally certified.

wrinkles schminkles for eyes!!! these rock
For under-eyes…look funny but hey, they work!

True story: I noticed a difference the VERY FIRST TIME I used it.

You ready for a laugh?

I wore these to bed the first time I used them and my husband had some sort of bad dream & woke up screaming… so I woke up screaming. He took one look at me and goes, “Is there something on your face?…. wait.. I’m not even going to ask” LMAO!!!! Then the next morning he says, “Did you have something on your face in the middle of the night?”

Obviously one of those stories best told in person but Eva and I cannot stop laughing over this.

Anyway, you may be wondering why I keep trying everything…. well I have biggest fear of needles and honestly have not done botox. So this is why I keep trying every beauty product I can get my hands on.

So let’s get into the details.

wrinkles schminkles- medical grade silicone patches for face, neck, & chest!

wrinkles schminkles- medical grade silicone patches for face, neck, & chest!

See pics above…this is how it looks on! ForeheadEyesNeckChest (click underlined text).(Mouth & lip is sold out)

Here are some notes on the Wrinkles Schminkles:

  • They are for both MEN and WOMEN!
    • Women options: eyes, chest, mouth, neck, forehead & hands
    • Men options: eyes & forehead
  • 100% medical grade silicone patches
  • Relieves wrinkles & fine lines overnight – but also can be use during the day for 1-2 hours.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty free
  • Made in the USA
  • Certified GLOBALLY! FDA, ARTGA, & EU
  • THE BEST PART – they are REUSABLE! Approx 15-20 uses out of each patch.


  • 1st, clean & dry skin
  • 2nd, peel away plastic layer of the silicone patch to reveal adhesive
  • 3rd, stick patches on targeted area
  • 4th, wear while sleeping or 1-2 hours during the day
  • 5th, clean after use with Wrinkles Schminkles cleanser (need to purchase separately and it seems to be out of stock! ARGH!) & let dry
  • 6th, stick patches on storage sheet.


IT REALLY WORKS! Literally relieves wrinkles & fine lines overnight. I am a huge fan. I hope Eva gets them next because she’s always so paranoid about her under-eyes.

Not trying to brag but I am really happy with my skin – and I turn 55 on Thursday the 14th!

Eva and I took this picture yesterday ⬇️

Wrinkles Schminkles silicone patches definitely be added to our Favorite Skincare Page!

Any questions for us? We are always happy to answer and/or help!

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