We are back after a week break with Five Things Friday Part 26!

One year since the USA shut down. How are you doing?

This has been a bit crazy for me, Eva, since my daughter started Kindergarten this past September. She was in daycare from 4 months on, so she knows what going to “school” is like without a mask. We’ve certainly had our challenges… but this is definitely a story for another time, lol.

Five Things Friday Part 26

Let’s get to our Friday Fav’s!

A lot of what we’re discussing below are items I recommended to Dawn. Check out her amazing feedback 🤩, and I’ll finish at the end with some teeth.

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Timeless CBD Nighttime Gummies

Timeless CBD is one of the best rated CBD products on the market. They’re AMAZING, and so effective and calming.

I (Dawn) have tried “SO MANY” different CBD brands and products that DON’T deliver! Timeless products work wonders for me. The nighttime and regular CBD gummies have helped with my chronic aches and pains and has IMPROVED my quality of sleep. The nighttime gummies are full spectrum 750mg with melatonin. Eva actually got them first and passed some on to me, and so glad she did!

Great variety of products to choose from including tinctures, edibles, and topicals.

Timeless CBD Gummies are really living up to their amazing ratings. Five Things Friday Part 26

Their website is user friendly, and I love a website that is easy to order from. Use our code “dawnandeva” to receive a 10% discount SITEWIDE!

Thanks Timeless for such game changing products. If you have sleep issues, I highly recommend you giving the nighttime gummies a try!

Be Well Probiotic Toner

Dawn here~

Let me start off with…Our motto has always been we like what we like natural or not, but if it is natural and it WORKS, then that is a TOTAL WIN!

Probiotic toner is definitely a WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! and once again Eva got me hooked on this! She tried it first and RAVED ABOUT IT!

I use the probiotic toner spray before and after makeup application (and so does Eva.. check out her video on Instagram). It helps makeup to guide on smoother and finishes it off with a hydrating glow, that doesn’t look oily or greasy. I also use toner for when my face can use a pick me up. The spray smells so lovely while hydrating and refreshing my skin. Made with rose water and unique cold-pressed probiotic kombucha cultures, and never any alcohol or preservatives.


The toners help to promote skins pH balance, minimize pores, fade dark spots and inflammation.
Available in 5 different scents ( 2oz or 4oz size):

  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree
  • Sandalwood

My personal favorites are lavender and tea tree. Eva’s are rose and lavender.

ALL Be Well products are cruelty free, toxic free, alcohol free, 100% organic, 100% vegetarian, and fragrance free.

BE Well Company Skincare toners - absolutely amazing and all natural

Give this magical toner a try!

Save 10% use our code “dawnandeva” at checkout.

These will definitely be their very own blog post soon ♥️

EDITED TO ADD – THIS JUST IN!!!! you can buy any of their fall/winter toner in a 4oz and get a 2oz FREE!!!!!!

Dermablend Illuminating Banana Powder

Dawn here~


That is exactly what I said when Eva mentioned she bought 4 of them one day. LOL.

Banana powder is a loose silky powder with yellow pigments that should be applied after concealer and foundation to diminish fine lines, absorb oil, and color correct discoloration.

Dermablend banana powder - LOVE THIS for blending & setting make up. Five Things Friday Part 26
Don’t let the color turn you off.. it doesn’t go on orange.

Can be applied and used a few different ways:

1) Traditional face powder. Take a powder brush (we LOVE brushes from It cosmetics, see our blog post) dip into the banana powder, swirl all over face.

2) Setting powder to set concealer, dip a concealer brush directly in the powder, LIGHTLY dust it over concealer. Do the same for foundation, using a powder brush or beauty blender (see FTF Part 25 for our review on them).

3) Base coat for eyeshadow. Apply a little concealer all over lid, then set it with some powder.

This powder is the best for brightening under eyes and for setting foundation and absorbing excess oil.
If you are looking for something extremely natural looking that doesn’t cake and makes makeup look flawless, THIS IS IT!

Right after applying!

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer


I (Dawn) purchased the Cruisinart toaster oven/air fryer a few years ago, it sat in the box in our garage on a shelf until last March when quarantine began. Since then it hasn’t returned back to the box, it’s a permanent fixture on our kitchen counter.

SO EASY TO USE, even I can work it without any help or assistants. Have to say cooking is NOT my strong suit. Lol!

Cuisinart Convection Air Fryer, SO EASY TO USE!!!!

This is a full size toaster oven (perfect for 3-6 people) with a built-in air fryer, that means it not only bakes, broils, and toasts, it will also air fry right inside the oven. The air fryer is a HEALTHIER way to prepare fried foods, while still enjoying the crunch without the extra calories.

We have had great luck with Cuisinart appliances over the years.

Ps. We have the smaller model (AFR-25) which is perfect for a small family, 2-3 people

the best air dryer and I actually find it so easy to use! Five Things Friday Part 26
I can’t believe how easy I find this. LOL!

Moon toothbrushes (Eva’s POV)

Oh Hi, Eva here!

Last but not least!

SO. I didn’t care for new toothbrushes and quite honestly, thought Dawn was a little crazy for being so obsessed with a toothbrush on our previous Five Things Friday post. Well one day after teaching at the gym, she came over to me with a present (as she usually does – seriously she’s the sweetest). AND IT WAS THE MOON TOOTHBRUSHES!!!

Moon Toothbrushes. Sleek & comfortable handle makes brushing your teeth FUN! (seriously)

I was pumped because truthfully I never would have bought these myself. I need very very very soft brushes due to my gum recession (I had gum graft surgery 4 years ago and it was worst than childbirth for my 2 kids, lol). If I brush too hard with stiff bristles I really do damage. PS – I hate brushing my teeth but I do it, OBVIOUSLY.

WELL… the website says, “Soft Bristle Toothbrush Ultra Fine Bristles are designed for simplicity, sophistication and visible results.” – Ulta Beauty

It lives up to the hype… I am now obsessed. The grip of the brush is excellent with its long handle (super easy to hold.. idk why some brushes are hard to hold but this one really IS comfortable) and the bristles are insanely soft. It actually makes brushing your teeth fun. DAWN WAS RIGHT!


FIVE THINGS FRIDAY PART 26 has now ended. You can resume your regular Friday activities 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

What is everyone doing this weekend?! Using your airfryer?! lol!

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