Meet the Cousins.


Dawn and Eva.

Our super personal Q&A video!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to our little space on the internet. We want to inspire you to love your age! We are doing the research on products, health, fitness, and casual fashion so you don’t have to!

About Dawn:

Meet Dawn! one half of The Cousin Connections

I was born in 1966 and a Norwalk Resident my whole life. I graduated from Norwalk High School in 1984 (the year Eva was born…gasp!). Furthermore I owned a very successful cleaning business for 30 years and loved being self-employed.

I am a total product junky, and I have a huge passion for fitness and decorating.

This may be a shocker but… I love to TALK! Eva and I reconnected in 2011 where I joined her very first Zumba class, and not only built a strong bond as cousins from that point on, but as best friends.

I embarked on this journey with Eva as the CEO and Co-Founder of our new company because we share so many similar passions for products (beauty, fashion, home, etc) and feel we can provide a lot of useful information to you all.

About Eva:

Meet Eva! one half of The Cousin Connections

Often known as “Accountant by Day and Fitness Instructor by Night”, I am now pursuing our new business as our CFO & Co-Founder. I am 37 years old, mom to 2 kids, and happily married. Born and raised in New Canaan, CT, and now a resident of Wilton.

I grew up with a strong passion for dance (Walter Schalk School of Dance anyone?!) and taught as a student dance instructor all through middle school & high school. I graduated from Fairfield University, and I have been an accountant for 16+ years!

Furthermore I have also been teaching Zumba for over 10.5 years and Les Mills BodyPump for almost 6 at the Edge Fitness in Norwalk. Just recently did a Barre Intensity training and can teach that soon!

I have always loved blogging, social media, fitness, and products of ALL kinds, and I am excited to start this journey with my genuinely wonderful cousin, Dawn. Between the two of us, we have a lot to say, a lot of reviews to give you, and promise to keep you entertained!

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