Anastasia Brow Freeze vs NYX Bush Tamer

Anastasia Brow Freeze vs NYX Bush Tamer (Netflix Sex Education) – that is seriously the name!! We are BACK with another blog post finally! Better late than never 🙃

Dawn here…Both of these products are GREAT! 😍

Anastasia Brow Freeze vs NYX Bush Tamer! let's compare shall we!

So let’s start with the basics.

Both products are easy to use: Just brush them onto brows and style in place to create brow-raising looks that will hold up to 16 hrs.

I’ve been a big fan of the Anastasia Brow Freeze since it came out. We talked about it HERE and HERE. It WAS very difficult to find because it was in such high demand. When I literally couldn’t find it anywhere, I decided to try NYX Bush Tamer. Boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised how well it worked and you can’t beat the price!

Here are some details:

Brow Freeze: $23 – 8g/0.28 oz

  • styling wax
  • no residue or flaking
  • water-based formula
  • paraben free
  • cruelty free
  • vegan

Bush Tamer: $8 – 5.0g/0.17 oz

  • clear brow styling gel
  • non-sticky, transparent formula with natural finish
  • quick & easy to apply
  • vegan formula
  • cruelty free
a cheap brow alternative...BUSH TAMER!!! Anastasia Brow Freeze vs NYX Bush Tamer


Brow Freeze needs to be applied with a spoolie brush. There is definitely a learning curve to get the right amount of product on the brush, it’s not as easy as 1,2,3!

Bush Tamer comes with a mini brush for more precise application. This makes it easier to control the amount of product on the brush and it is as simple as 1,2,3!


Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with either one. It really is your own personal preference. If I HAD to choose one…I would pick NYX Bush Tamer.

NOW. Look at pic below.

Which product is on which brow?!

NYX BUSH TAMER on left brow
Anastasia Brow Freeze vs NYX Bush Tamer
I did one of each….take a guess!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I loved reviewing both and love the price point of NYX. Tell us what you think!

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Tanologist DAY glow

TANOLOGIST DAY GLOW – yes please!!!

Dawn here giving you a quick and dirty run down of my favorite product this week.

Tanologist - Day Glow Hyaluronic Radiance Self-Tan Serum
Look at this adorable bottle! 😍

Tanologist Day Glow gives you soft sunkissed skin in a bottle.

*just click the underlined text to be taken to the product. We earn a very small commission if you use our link at NO cost to you.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply hydrates skin
  • Aloe Vera: Hydrates & soothes
  • Pink Grapefruit: Brightens
  • Goji Berry: Powerful antioxidant
  • Juniper: Evens skin tone

As mentioned above in the key ingredients, this is a hydrating hyaluronic, gradual self-tan serum. I’ve tried many self tanners on my face, I’m very impressed with Tanologist and you can’t beat the price.

How I use it: I put a few drops on my face and neck (every other day) before applying my makeup. This lightweight serum provides a nice natural glow while hydrating skin. It also works great as a makeup primer. **MAKE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER!

If you want to give your skin a boost, I highly recommend this! 🤩

Let’s look at some pictures below:

I am really happy with this product. A little sunless summer glow (even in fall/winter!) goes a long way!

The price is this is great as I said above, and since I use it every other day this bottle will last a long time.

Also, find our favorite skincare in one place HERE.

Will you try this?! Or have you tried this? tell us in comments!

Eva hasn’t used this yet and I am dying to know her thoughts also when she gets it!

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Let’s talk milani!

LET’S TALK MILANI!! Have you heard of this brand before?

Dawn here.

I stumbled across this brand at Ulta. It’s no secret Eva & I love it there AND we love trying new products! 🙃

I decided to buy the undereye tint and the multistick. YOU CANNOT BEAT THE PRICE!! So why not?!

So what on earth am I talking about? Look below.

Milani super charged undereye tint - perfect for concealing those dark circles at a budget price

  • Nourishing, lightweight texture creates a smooth canvas for concealer application or when worn alone
  • Available in tinted shades
  • Vegan
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Cruelty-Free

  • Ultra-creamy, nourishing cheek + lip formula
  • Easy-to-apply gel stick format glides onto cheeks and lips, melting into skin
  • Leaves a buildable wash of color for the perfect luminous finish
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Cruelty-Free
Milani two in one multi stick! bang for your buck!

Now for my thoughts and review! LET’S TALK MILANI!

I will keep this quick & to the point! 🤩

I like both the undereye tint and multistick equally. They both apply nicely.

The undereye tint is great along without concealer over it. I don’t like to wear heavy makeup under my eyes because it just makes me look so much older – I like a more natural look.

milani under eye tint... works well and you can't beat the price.

The multistick bronzer I also use alone on my cheeks (if I am pressed for time), but if I have more time it is great for contouring! ALSO – it can be used as a lip color but I will not use it for that; it’s way too dark for me!

multi use sticks!! milani is a great price point.

Both are under $10!!


AFTER in two different outfits!

I really like to try products a few times before I give a review.

SO.. a super simple review today… but you get the point! I love when a less expensive makeup product really works. I had never heard of Milani before, and I’m glad I stumbled upon it. It works well on my more mature skin, so I can only imagine how much Eva will love it, too.

Speaking of.. did you see her post last week on a much less expensive lash primer that works?!

If you use this brand, what is your favorite product?!


Makeup Vanishing balm remover!

This incredible makeup vanishing balm remover was found by ACCIDENT!!

I, Dawn, took advantage of a sale with our favorite haircare company, and this somehow was added to my cart and I bought it. When it arrived, I was like hmm, I don’t remember getting this, but it looks pretty and let’s try it!

Eva also does a video below showing how much better it takes makeup off compared to that of makeup wipes 🤩 .

makeup remover balm. all natural!
It melts instantly. It’s so cool!

Let’s get into the details.

What is this? ⬇️

It eliminates the need for HARSH makeup remover (and wipes!) and literally melts into your skin & removes your makeup.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt the first time I used it, and I know Eva absolutely loves it, as well.

It is infused with naturally-derived key ingredients, such as our favorite oil Rejuvenique & Natural Fruit Acids (AHA’s). Like it is really that simple.

Look at the video Eva made – you really see the difference between the vanishing balm and makeup wipes. Incredible!

I swear we don’t have black eyes; it’s the loads of mascara coming off, lol. We both wear at least 3-5 different brands of mascara at one time. So with that said, a good makeup remover is a must

makeup remover balm. all natural! we dont have black eyes lol
makeup remover balm. all natural! we dont have black eyes lol

Eva here – in all seriousness, this is why you will love the makeup balm remover ⬇️

At this point, we both literally don’t find a need for harsh makeup wipes (except for maybe on the go or in an emergency), and have been overly happy with this!

And the fact that Dawn loves it and looks amazing & is aging in reverse (see pic below), I will do whatever she does 🤣🤗


Let us help you get this <3 Our goal is always to help you with self-care and to #ageinreverse


Dawn here!

So.. there really is two sides of me. And my daily look is very different from Eva’s.

This is really because my lifestyle for 30+ years was to throw on work out clothes, run my house cleaning business, and hair in ponytail. I would sweat so much during the day it just wasn’t worth it. My mature skin also can’t handle a lot of heavy makeup everyday. Eva went to an office everyday so she got really accustomed to a different lifestyle.

Daily – I wear makeup but I keep it very simple. 90% of the time my hair is in a ponytail. I NEVER leave home without mascara.

Going out – (even though we aren’t doing much of this these days) I have a WHOLE DIFFERENT regimen. I wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, bright lipstick, colored foundation. I like a lot of sparkles and shimmers. LOL.

BUT for today’s makeup bag, I’m showing you my DAILY LOOK!

(Also.. Eva and I are total opposite, I ALWAYS do my hair first then makeup)

First things first, PRIMER. Eva got me into this one and I LOVE IT. Please note I really do use a lot of mascaras… lol. I focus a lot on eyes (but no eyeliner in this everyday look).

Details or products used will be listed under the video.. just click the underlined text!

SEE PIC BELOW for what I used!

All over face primer

Under eye primer #1

Under eye primer #2

Highlighter (not pictured but #3 product used in video)

No Pigment Foundation

Setting powder & Brush

Bronzer & Brush

Blush & Brush


Lash Primer #1

Lash Primer #2

Mascara #1

Lash Comb

Tiny lash mascara for #2 (use for top & bottom. great for de-clumping!!)

Mascara #3

LIP Mask!

Lip Gloss

So there you have it!

A bit of a different look from Eva but it’s really only because our professions up until this point have been so different.

To all you young gals, MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN please!!! Start now. It makes a huge difference!


EVA HERE! Let’s talk about what is in my MAKEUP BAG!

**PLEASE NOTE: just click the underlined text OR PICTURE to be taken to the product**

I am sharing with you what is basically in my “everyday” makeup bag. There are staples I use for years, and basically I do the same makeup everyday… it’s just who I am. lol.

I have a whole system in place. Different pouches for different things. One for eye makeup and one for face makeup. Idk, it just works for me, haha.

First things first… good makeup starts with a good primer and good brushes.

Here are my FAVORITE.

IT COSMETICS BRUSHES – here is a good starter set and here is my favorite BIG BRUSH!

Glossier Primer – I have just this year discovered the brand Glossier. I also talk about this primer HERE.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

Here’s the video and then the details of the products below! This is a 2 minute video BUT the whole process takes me just under 12 minutes. Not too bad.

First – I have been only using powder lately on my face.

**PLEASE NOTE: just click the underlined text OR PICTURE to be taken to the product**

Why? Not really sure.. foundation lately seems to cake all over my face by mid day. Also, I admit, I am a bit lazy these days and want to get my makeup done ASAP. Powder just goes on easy and doesn’t get all over my fingers. lol.

Lancome base powder – I start with this first!

IT COSMETICS – best powder!

Setting powder always. This price is good for how big this product is!

a great transluscent powder for everyday look!

I start with a little bronzer on my cheek bones:

a classic bronzer for a beginning look to the rest of the make up

Favorite contour palette! – THIS ALSO LASTS FOREVER! SO MANY OPTIONS with this! I have a whole separate contour video HERE!

my absolute favorite contour powder for an everyday look!
THE BEST contour

I always do lipcolor before eyes… just a habit. This is my favorite everyday color.. it adds just enough without being too bold.


Eyebrows first.

I admit, I LOVE the Rodan + Fields Brow Boost. But frankly, it is just way too expensive. I savor it because I hate running out of it paying that price tag. It DOES WORK though.

Here is a Glossier option that is a decent comparison, but honestly, not really. It’s just a good price.

Next is an eyebrow pencil I fear running out of.. so I always have many in stock. LOL.

You know Dawn and I both love Morphe palette’s. I mean, let’s be real, we love a lot of palette’s, but you just can’t beat the price of these!

Morphe eyeshadow palette's are beyond cost effecitive and just gorgeous!
I MEAN… just gorgeous

● I start with a base coat.

● Then I always use eyeshadow as lower lid liner and extend outwards to create a “bigger eye” appearance. Does that make sense? I know the video is in fast motion but you should be able to see what I’m doing.

● Then take a darker color for my lid and put it on in a V SHAPE. Then blend it again with a lighter color!

Eyeliner is next:

EYELINER that works!!! and stays in place all day.

Now.. you know Dawn and I are eyelash obsessed. We use at a MINIMUM 3 mascaras at a time. We first use a PRIMER we have talked about before:

So next up in the video you see me use 3. The last one is the MINI ONE that WORKS WONDERS for extra length and de-clumping! Just click on the picture of the product to be taken to the site.

THRIVE really works wonders, also.. for me it’s best as a second coat.


This is the tiniest mascara you will ever see but OMG it works wonders for so many things. It helps lengthen and separate and it’s great for the tiny bottom lashes. A MUST HAVE!

FINISHED! my usual everyday look
Everyday Look. May look like a lot to some but this it my look!

I so hope you found this helpful. Dawn is up next week!

Mascara primer – our absolute favorite

YOU GUYS! This mascara primer is our absolute favorite. It is tested, tried, and true.

We BOTH absolutely love this mascara primer: “Lancome Cils Booster XL Lash Thickening Mascara Primer“. We have both tried many primers of ALL price points and always go back to this one. Truly is the #1 in our opinion.

lancome mascara primer..THE BEST!

Here are the reasons why.

Dawn here!

Here are the reasons I love Lancome Mascara Primer so much:

  • Multi-purpose product and get more bang for your buck!
    • Conditions
    • Lengthens
    • Thickens!!! <– OUR FAV.
  • Does not irritate eyes (*this is huge for me… my eyes are super sensitive).

A few tips:

  1. Apply a thin base coat from roots to tip then immediately (for best results DO NOT let the primer dry), apply your favorite mascara (see pictures below on how to use).
  2. Use before bedtime on clean lashes to help rejuvenate and nourish your lashes.
  3. and…. STAY TUNED! We will be doing a lot of informative content on eyelashes NEXT week!

Don’t let it dry… immediately put your mascara on!

Eva here… Dawn actually bought this amazing mascara primer for my 34th birthday and I have been hooked since for 2.5 years now. I have tried many others, mostly trying to go to the less expensive route, and I cannot find anything even comparable to this one. We both love to wear mascara and of course love long lashes, so this really helps achieve that look. I actually also find that this primer helps the mascara stay on my eyelashes all day, EVEN AFTER teaching two fitness classes back to back. WIN!

This is true, also: most students have come up to me after classes and asked “how do you get your makeup to stay on even after teaching Zumba?” (which is an intense cardio-dance class), and honestly, it’s because I always use primers!

See the proof!

How to use it:

STEP 1 – Apply to clean lashes – as in no makeup / mascara on them whatsoever.

lancome mascara primer..THE BEST!
Dawn with nothing but Lancome Lash Primer on

Step 2 – Apply mascara! We both do use several different mascaras at once. lol. We can’t help it.

lancome mascara primer..THE BEST!
One lash with mascara, the other with primer


lancome mascara primer..THE BEST!
Dawn – end result!
lancome mascara primer..THE BEST!
Eva with finished product.

I am sorry if those pictures are creepy.. LOL! We found them a little creepy when we took them.

If you want to check out a few of favorite mascaras to use over this primer…go here!

We tried to keep this short & sweet. If you are looking for a longer-lash look, a product that nourishes, and helps your mascara stay on, this is a must-have and one of our staples.

On another note, next week we are talking about so many different lash serums (you know, what ones that claim “grow your lashes”)… have you tried any? What is your favorite?