What made you want to start your own business?

Eva – COVID caused us to dig deep as a family on what made sense for us in terms of my “job”. I have always had a passion for blogging and social media. Liz from the Clean Eating Couple really inspired me to pursue this full time. I knew partnering w/ my amazing cousin Dawn who is in her 50s, we could really make something of this lifestyle website/blog/product review platform. 

Dawn – I was in a very physical job for over 30 years. When my body started breaking down on me, I realized I needed to do something different. I love my cousin Eva and we have a great bond. When COVID became more serious, we started planning out what we wanted to do together.

What led you here?

Eva – After 16+ years as an accountant in corporate america, I felt I needed something more & different, for at least a little while. COVID and needing flexibility to work my own hours is really the driving factor to start a business with Dawn. I also love social media and blogging (I used to blog 9+ years ago!) and am ecstatic to work on it full-time. So, why not now?! It also compliments nicely my fitness instructing career (Zumba + BodyPump at the Norwalk Edge).

Dawn – I wanted to do something that I was more passionate about. I loved my old job and my customers. But, it was becoming too much for me physically. 

Why the name “The Cousin Connections”?

Eva – Well, first and foremost, we are cousins!  We both have a ton of connections with Eva’s fitness following and Dawn’s network in Norwalk CT (born and raised & still a resident of the town), and together we have a very strong bond and connection. So connection with S has multi-purposes. So many times, we text each other, the exact same thing… we really do have ESP with one another! 

Dawn – What Eva said to this question basically sums it up. We are very passionate about the same things, have been working out together for years, and are apart of the same family. Multiple connections between us cousins.

What do you both have in common? What do you disagree on?

Eva – We both love fitness, health, beauty, fashion, etc. you name it.  We have literally almost everything in common so this is a tough question for me. I don’t think we disagree on much?!

Dawn – We both connect very well over our fitness. I have been attending Eva’s classes since she started teaching. I love Eva’s husband and her two children. I wouldn’t say Eva and I disagree on a lot of things. However, I do think because of our age difference, we sometimes view things differently than one another. But, not in a bad way.

What sparked the connection 9 + years ago?

Eva – We reunited at a family reunion the summer of 2011. I was just getting into teaching my very first zumba class, and Dawn told me how much she loves working out. She mustered up enough courage and came bolting (literally) into my class and the rest really is history! We have seen each other every week since (except for when I went on maternity leave from the Edge).

Dawn – When we reunited at our family reunion about ten years ago. Ever since then, I began attending her classes and our relationship took off from there.

How into fitness are you two?

Eva –  I am into it more now, and I say that, because I teach Zumba and BodyPump. Back in college I always worked out and the gym has always had a presence in my life. But now, I admit, I do not workout unless I am teaching! On vacation, I NEVER work out! I am only into it “more now” because I teach it!

Dawn – I am very into my fitness life. I maintain workouts even on vacation. I attend all of Eva’s classes unless my body is in too much pain. I definitely do my best to keep my fitness life consistent. 

What is your favorite way to relax?

Eva – I love to unwind with a glass of wine or a margarita with my husband and kids.. there’s nothing better than a low key Friday night at home with my family! 

Dawn – One of my favorite ways to relax is on the couch watching Netflix. My husband usually watches these shows with me. While I’m watching I usually open up a white claw and binge my shows. 

Favorite thing to do on weekends in free time?

Eva – We love to go to sprite island. I love to watch my kids play outside. My daughter loves to come get her nails done w/ me. We also love to go out to lunch on the weekends w/ the kids.

Dawn – I love to decorate my house, inside and out. I’m always getting my nails and my hair done, too. I enjoy my family time and always spend as much time with them as I can. 

What is something you both can’t live without?

Eva – Hmm. I guess my phone? lol.

Dawn – My Poland spring water. I am always drinking that water, it is always in my hand. 

Who is your Idol?

Eva – This is a tough one. I really look up to women entrepreneurs. The first one that comes to my mind is Chalene Johnson…. I’ve done her work outs (before I became a fitness instructor) for years. She is so empowering and I admire her work ethic and how she became hugely successful being her own boss. And…DAWN. I always say “I want to be her when I grow up”. Truly, I just adore her and always say how obsessed with her I am. She is the one person who is literally ALWAYS THERE! <3

Dawn – My idol is my sister, Kryn. She has been my best friend all my life. An amazing mother to my niece and nephew, a supporting wife, and inspires me to be a better person. My celebrity idol is Jennifer Lopez. Her fitness is something I admire, she has a great personality, strong work ethic, and a great mother. 

What is the goal of the business, The Cousin Connections?

Eva – We want to grow to a lifestyle blog-type-platform where we can review products for you all and take the guesswork out of it for you! And of course, the goal is to earn revenue by doing so. We have a lot of amazing things up our sleeves and a lot of content to share… so stay tuned

Dawn – To create a successful blog that reviews all products and is up-to-date on the latest trends. I hope that this brings Eva & I closer together and we enjoy the adventures together. 

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