Another video! Hair Products review

Happy SEPTEMBER! As we transition into almost the last quarter of the year(!), we have another video for you all. Continuing our theme from two weeks ago and diving into our favorite hair products & giving you a video review of them.

As always, we had a blast shooting this video and we LOVE to talk about hair. We constantly text & call each other about various hair product finds, especially the ones we talk about in this video. In other words, we really have a great connection – just see our ridiculousness at the end of the video. That is us all the time (lol).

Eva here. Using the clean beauty hair products for 4+ years
naturally based clean hair products
Dawn here. Using her 2 favorites for almost 2 years.

Furthermore and in all seriousness, we will never ever promote something we don’t believe in. As discussed in this video, there are many hair products we like, but we had to share ones we LOVE & have become our staples, and share a company we believe in (and of course one with a good business model). Eva has used them for 4+ years and Dawn almost 2, and we both feel with that amount of time and experience under our belt, we can finally discuss with a fair, realistic, & unbiased opinion.

We highlighted these a little bit in our previous hair video.

Moving on…..let’s have at it!

Link to video – here

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We hope you enjoyed our hair products review. Please contact us with any help needed and/or questions. We are here!


Dawn & Eva