EVA HERE! Let’s talk about what is in my MAKEUP BAG!

**PLEASE NOTE: just click the underlined text OR PICTURE to be taken to the product**

I am sharing with you what is basically in my “everyday” makeup bag. There are staples I use for years, and basically I do the same makeup everyday… it’s just who I am. lol.

I have a whole system in place. Different pouches for different things. One for eye makeup and one for face makeup. Idk, it just works for me, haha.

First things first… good makeup starts with a good primer and good brushes.

Here are my FAVORITE.

IT COSMETICS BRUSHES – here is a good starter set and here is my favorite BIG BRUSH!

Glossier Primer – I have just this year discovered the brand Glossier. I also talk about this primer HERE.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

Here’s the video and then the details of the products below! This is a 2 minute video BUT the whole process takes me just under 12 minutes. Not too bad.

First – I have been only using powder lately on my face.

**PLEASE NOTE: just click the underlined text OR PICTURE to be taken to the product**

Why? Not really sure.. foundation lately seems to cake all over my face by mid day. Also, I admit, I am a bit lazy these days and want to get my makeup done ASAP. Powder just goes on easy and doesn’t get all over my fingers. lol.

Lancome base powder – I start with this first!

IT COSMETICS – best powder!

Setting powder always. This price is good for how big this product is!

a great transluscent powder for everyday look!

I start with a little bronzer on my cheek bones:

a classic bronzer for a beginning look to the rest of the make up

Favorite contour palette! – THIS ALSO LASTS FOREVER! SO MANY OPTIONS with this! I have a whole separate contour video HERE!

my absolute favorite contour powder for an everyday look!
THE BEST contour

I always do lipcolor before eyes… just a habit. This is my favorite everyday color.. it adds just enough without being too bold.


Eyebrows first.

I admit, I LOVE the Rodan + Fields Brow Boost. But frankly, it is just way too expensive. I savor it because I hate running out of it paying that price tag. It DOES WORK though.

Here is a Glossier option that is a decent comparison, but honestly, not really. It’s just a good price.

Next is an eyebrow pencil I fear running out of.. so I always have many in stock. LOL.

You know Dawn and I both love Morphe palette’s. I mean, let’s be real, we love a lot of palette’s, but you just can’t beat the price of these!

Morphe eyeshadow palette's are beyond cost effecitive and just gorgeous!
I MEAN… just gorgeous

● I start with a base coat.

● Then I always use eyeshadow as lower lid liner and extend outwards to create a “bigger eye” appearance. Does that make sense? I know the video is in fast motion but you should be able to see what I’m doing.

● Then take a darker color for my lid and put it on in a V SHAPE. Then blend it again with a lighter color!

Eyeliner is next:

EYELINER that works!!! and stays in place all day.

Now.. you know Dawn and I are eyelash obsessed. We use at a MINIMUM 3 mascaras at a time. We first use a PRIMER we have talked about before:

So next up in the video you see me use 3. The last one is the MINI ONE that WORKS WONDERS for extra length and de-clumping! Just click on the picture of the product to be taken to the site.

THRIVE really works wonders, also.. for me it’s best as a second coat.


This is the tiniest mascara you will ever see but OMG it works wonders for so many things. It helps lengthen and separate and it’s great for the tiny bottom lashes. A MUST HAVE!

FINISHED! my usual everyday look
Everyday Look. May look like a lot to some but this it my look!

I so hope you found this helpful. Dawn is up next week!