Let’s get personal in a Q&A video form, shall we? Last week we asked our social media channels what questions they had for us.

We didn’t expect our answers to be what they were, but in the video below you will get more personal with us.

We went off on a quite a few tangents…shocker. But this ultimately led us in a few directions we are glad to share with you all, and could be some important topics to discuss in the future. We wrote out a FAQ question you can also find here.

dawn & eva. getting personal Q&A style.

Some things discussed (not necessarily in the order below):

  • Our first memories of each other
  • Why Dawn doesn’t have kids
  • Workout schedules
  • Menopause and how things change in your 30’s vs 50’s
  • Our bad habits
  • Fertility & things people don’t talk about
  • Of course…some makeup

We hope you enjoyed learning more about us & what we are doing in this space. As always, we have a ton more to share in the coming weeks. If there are any questions, please let us know! Hope you are all enjoying this amazing & cooler weather here in Fairfield County!

dawn & eva. getting personal Q&A. out takes!
here’s a fun out-take for you all… because as serious as we got, sometimes you just can’t take yourself too seriously, either! (lol)