Gift Guides again this week! I know we are so random with that we put together, so thank you for sticking along and reading. 😂 ♥︎


Short version (in order of left to right):

Gift Guide Part 2 - Five Things Friday Part 18!
I mean… you can’t go wrong here!
  1. Yeti Lunch Boxes – here and here.
  2. It Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Gift Set
  3. Bombas Holiday Socks
  4. Benefit Cosmetics SUPERSTAR SET!
  5. Mac Lipstick Gift Set

Yeti lunch boxtwo parts!

Dawn here~ Eva and I LOVE Yeti products! 

As soon as I saw these adorable lunch boxes I thought what a great holiday gift idea. I currently don’t have them but they will be delivered by the end of the week. I ordered one of each: the packable lunch box for my husband and the lunch box for yours truly. SHOCKER, I had to get one for myself. Lol! 🤣

Both keep food warm and cold and they are water-resistant. Available in multi colors to choose from.


It Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set


We love them so much that we did an entire post and video on them.

Here’s some of the reasons why IT makeup brushes are an ideal gift: soft brush bristles that don’t shed, they give a flawless finish, they make blending makeup easy, are light weight, are cruelty free, and they are easy to clean. PHEW that was a lot. lol.

You get 4 amazing brushes and a holder in this set.

IT Cosmetics makeup brushes - great little set to get started!

Share some IT complexion brush love this holiday season.

Bombas Socks

Bombas socks are for men, women, and kids. They are made from high quality materials, and these socks are designed to provide you with engineered comfort and long term durability. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns.

Honestly, they are bit pricey but WORTH EVERY PENNY. The company donates one pair of socks for every pair purchased.
Give or get your feet the gift of comfort and happiness for the holidays and all year long.

Bombas socks make excellent gifts!!
Dawn’s feet. LOL.

Eva here – As a Fitness INstructor, these are the ONLY SOCKS I WILL USE. They are beyond worth it for the cushion and durability. My feet sweat, yes, but those really hold it in and I don’t feel gross in my sneakers (just being honest).

Benefit Cosmetics – Super Star Value Set!

Benefit Cosmetics is one of my (Dawn) favorite makeup brands (AND MINE!! Eva here!!). This mini wardrobe set features 14 of Benefit’s best must have makeup products. You won’t find this hard to believe, especially if you have been following us, I have EVERY ONE of these products in full size. LOL!

This collection includes: mascaras, primers, powders, liquid eyeliner and “all things” eyebrow that you’ll ever need.

$201 valve for $90!

THE HOLY GRAIL! Benefit Cosmetics you outdid yourself w/ this amazing holiday gift set.

Available online only (Ulta Beauty)

Mac lipstick Set

This is a holiday treat from MAC. Sets include three mini limited edition lipsticks in either pink or red shades along with an adorable fuzzy pouch to carry/store them in.

beautiful MAC lipsticks are great for a gift this season.
I mean seriously.. HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!

Shhh 🤫 Don’t tell Eva, I’m getting the pink hues set for her for Christmas!

Well that is it for this week for Gift Guides!! Are you finding these helpful? We will post this on aslo!


GIFT GUIDES for this Five Things Friday!! Don’t we all need help with gits for the Holidays? Some of these are SO EASY and we are not reinventing the wheel here, but these are things we just love and would LOVE as gifts.

Short version:

gift guides part 1!! a great mix ot items for your everyday gal.
  1. Bum Bum Cream.
  2. Detangler Brush
  3. Cleanser & Hyaluronic Acid
  4. Vest
  5. Mug & Coffee Pot

Long Version below….

In fact, they are items we have actually received as gifts and they were perfect.

Also, most of you have may seen these on our series of Five Things Friday posts.

We talk about this a lot but our THE INFAMOUS BUM BUM CREAM (again, thank you to Taylor to introducing us to this).

Fun fact – it’s pronounced “boom boom”… did you know that?

the amazing best body lotion - BUM BUM CREAM! great gift idea

We wrote an entire post on it… but seriously, the person in your life will thank you for getting this for them. The smell in itself is just amazing.

Sol De Janeiro also has AWESOME gift sets. I, Eva, bought one for Dawn last year for Christmas and she loved it and was instantly hooked.

This one has incredible value for all the products you get. I have been using the perfume spray for months now and love it.

a great gift set by sol de janeiro.. incredible value

We ALSO love bringing you a deal so we cannot forget about our absolute favorite hair brushes. The one where we have a 10% off code for you “THECC”.

Dawn recently got the wet brush (The Divine) I rave about and she is MIND BLOWN.

Like, if there is one brush you are going to pick.. it is that one.

the best detangler brush - will make a GREAT GIFT!!!

A very simple cleanser and hyaluronic acid also make great gifts. There are 2 of our favorites. The hyaluronic acid has an incredible price point, too. THE CLEANSER IS ON MAJOR SALE!!!

great cleanser on sale for MASK-NE!
you cannot beat the price point of this hyaluronic acid!!!
our face feels so good and hydrated with this!

This cleanser is so gentle and great for that dreaded “mask-ne“.

Who doesn’t love a puffy vest?!?! We both have the more expensive North Face ones, but you cannot go wrong with this one as a gift. Telling you, even if you think someone has a vest, they will LOVE this one in addition to their wardrobe!

a very affordable puffy vest ANYONE would wnat in their wardrobe.

Dawn is sporting this on our page also.

LASTLY!! We cannot forget you coffee lovers!!

The best coffee pot. Seriously. No joke.

Eva here – my husband and I love this coffee pot so much we RARELY order coffee out. Just nothing compares. We like to make full pots and this also makes individual cups which is awesome, so you are not wasting a lot.

ALSO… I talk about these mugs constantly, but they are such a good price point and REALLY keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. You truly will never not see me without these. A super gift idea truly for anyone.

But honestly…these mugs can be for anyone. I use them a lot for my protein shakes, also. My participants at the gym can attest – I always have one of these in my hand.

That’s it for today and we will have more coming. Of course, we have many, many ideas (LOL.. well Dawn does)

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!