We have a holy grail product to share that is the best oil for your SKIN & HAIR!

And trust us when we tell you, a little goes a long way.

THE BEST OIL FOR SKIN & HAIR product..rejuvenique!
I mean, seriously! Look. how gorgeous 😍

THIS IS A REAL AND UNEDITED VIDEO by Dawn! We wanted to give it to you completely straight.

More details below.

As you can see from my video above, I literally use this for so many different reasons.

  • New Rejuvenique Light – fairly new – I just ordered two days ago & can’t wait to try.
  • It is a “multi-use” oil product.
  • A little goes a long way!
  • I use it on my face, neck, hair.
  • ALSO use it on my elbows, knees, feet AND cuticles!
  • Please note, it is heavy so I only use it on my face before bedtime.
directions for applying Rejuvenique..the best hair and body oil!
Rejuvenique on my cuticles! THE BEST OIL FOR SKIN & HAIR


I really need to point out first and foremost that this little holy grail of a bottle will last you a long time. I can only speak for myself, but I have had mine for about a year now. That is how little of product you need.

I don’t use it the same way as Dawn. I have had a history of dark circles under my eyes. Since I was a kid (like 8 years old) people would always ask me if I had two black eyes, and it’s definitely carried into adulthood. Also, the skin under my eyes is extremely dry. So, this magic-ness in a bottle I use really for my eye area. A SMALL dab under both! There is 100% a difference when I use this consistently; less black and blue look and more moisture (as in, my makeup doesn’t flake all over).

Rejuvenique under my eyes to help with dark circles. THE BEST OIL FOR SKIN & HAIR

As I am getting older and in my almost late 30’s, I LOATHE the wrinkles under my eyes.

I do feel like the claim stands true above that it does help smooth out fine lines (ie, leave skin looking healthy).

Sometimes I put it in my hair at night since I use so much heat and bleach (blonde hair is hard work, I tell ya!).

Dawn’s video, though, really explains it is all 92 seconds.

iphone11 max portrait mode in STUDIO light.. it is life changing!!

We are here to get this in your hands on the best oil we’ve found for your skin & hair … just let us know you are interested and we will be in touch! (click link to contact or DM us on IG)

Lastly, we want to hear from YOU! What is your ONE beauty product you cannot live without?

Another video! Hair Products review

Happy SEPTEMBER! As we transition into almost the last quarter of the year(!), we have another video for you all. Continuing our theme from two weeks ago and diving into our favorite hair products & giving you a video review of them.

As always, we had a blast shooting this video and we LOVE to talk about hair. We constantly text & call each other about various hair product finds, especially the ones we talk about in this video. In other words, we really have a great connection – just see our ridiculousness at the end of the video. That is us all the time (lol).

Eva here. Using the clean beauty hair products for 4+ years
naturally based clean hair products
Dawn here. Using her 2 favorites for almost 2 years.

Furthermore and in all seriousness, we will never ever promote something we don’t believe in. As discussed in this video, there are many hair products we like, but we had to share ones we LOVE & have become our staples, and share a company we believe in (and of course one with a good business model). Eva has used them for 4+ years and Dawn almost 2, and we both feel with that amount of time and experience under our belt, we can finally discuss with a fair, realistic, & unbiased opinion.

We highlighted these a little bit in our previous hair video.

Moving on…..let’s have at it!

Link to video – here

To see what would be a good fit for you, Take the Hair Quiz!

We hope you enjoyed our hair products review. Please contact us with any help needed and/or questions. We are here!


Dawn & Eva

Revlon Dryer Brush!

Welcome to our first product review & video review at that! The Revlon Dryer Brush.

We are ecstatic to review the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer & Brush. We realize there are a million and one reviews out there of this wonderful hair tool, but we have found we have our own very individualized way of using it, and it is so worth sharing with all of you. Neither of us understand why we waited so long to use it!

We have created a video, below, and here are a few bullet points in case you cannot watch the video in depth – but we do promise it is worth watching in full!

Why Dawn loves it:

  • It gets super hot, which she feels her hair needs
  • She loves the cool setting
  • The tip is cool so you don’t burn your fingers
  • Easy to use once she got the hang of it (she says: “Don’t give up after the first try!”)
  • It is definitely better than a traditional dryer and brush in her opinion
Revlon brush dryer
Dawn’s gorgeous hair
fit over 50 and incredible hair!
Dawn still looking gorgeous after filming & editing all day

Why Eva loves it:

  • Even though she has straight hair, she finds it really helps style her hair just like the salon does
  • Easy to use and grip the hair with one tool (it’s definitely hard to grip hair with a brush and hold a dryer at the same time)
  • Takes less time than styling with a around brush and dryer (ie, traditional way)
  • Dawn got her hooked on the cool setting now – this really helps tame the fly aways
  • She doesn’t dry her hair in sections and finds this still works extremely well not doing that
sleek hair from revlon dryer brush
Real Life – Eva’s daughter in the background ♥️

From both Dawn & Eva: the biggest take away from this is to USE HEAT PROTECTANT of any kind! I know we said 1000 times in the video but we mean it; it’s important when using this much heat on your hair. We really love the blow out cream made by Monat – and you can browse it here. This was posted on our Instagram last night – and it sparked a lot of interest 🥰 We are glad to help you get your hands on it.

Monat blow out cream rocks!

Eva also really likes this 18-in-1 spray by Oligo. Thank you Bloom Bar in Norwalk CT for introducing me!

18 in 1 Oligo spray!

We really are product junky’s and we really try to take care of our hair. The way we see it is, if you spend so much money on coloring/processing it – it is the best investment to buy good products to maintain the integrity of your hair. All in all, we LOVE this hair tool! The price is very reasonable, too.

A lot of fun was had putting this together. A big shout to a hairdresser we love, Stacey! You can find her in Darien or at her own salon in her house. She has over 30+ years experience and rocks. Please contact us for her info if you are in the market for trying someone new!