Another tried and true review for THE BEST HAIR BRUSHES!!

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I, Eva, first discovered the Olivia Garden Divine detangler brush when I was on the hunt for a brush to get through my insanely knotted hair (due to the intense blonde processing I do). I honestly cannot remember how I came across these brushes but I AM SO glad I did, and I have referred these to many people.

We have the divine brush in every bathroom, lol!

Check out my REEL on Instagram. I can easily detangle my hair in 3 easy steps with this amazing brush.

After I literally fell in love with the Divine Brush and loved it so much even on my daughter’s hair, I started purchasing their round brushes for blow drying.

I use both of these:

You may be thinking.. what do you love about these round brushes and how are they different?

The first one, the HEAT PRO, really grips my hair and I can get a really smooth blowout finish. It adds volume and my hair has some bounce to it. I use the smaller round brush to really curl the ends under and add more OOMPH!

Similarly, I also felt like the price was pretty decent and especially with 10% off, you cannot go wrong.

I also find these brushes help my hair dry faster!!


I have two brushes I want to specifically talk about.

  1. DETANGLER. This is perfect for fine to medium hair. It is a scalp hugging brush that massages while detangling!

This brush also has a removable cushion so you can completely clean behind it (just squeeze the sides to remove)

The best part – you can use on WET and DRY hair!

2. Ecohair Paddle Brush – This brush is more durable than wood! The bamboo base is strong and LIGHT. This really helps tame the frizz and flyaways on my hair, and I use it similar to how Eva does with her round brushes, but for more of a super straight look. It really does hydrate the hair cuticle and adds shine. I am obsessed!

Here are both of my brushes together:

Seriously these are the best hair brushes for ANY type of styling.

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Happy November and Election Day.. and hoping this can bring some positivity to you!

Question – Do you have a favorite brush?