When we tell you we are always on the hunt for less expensive dupes, WE ARE. Always. We are always trying new things and bringing you the best of what we can find at the best price. Some beauty products really are worth the splurge, though. And we are honest about that!

Splurge Vs Steal part 2!

Get ready for 6 great SPLURGE VS. STEAL below! and…TGIF!

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bronzer comparison. splurge vs steal part 2!

WE LOVE BRONZER. It’s really a staple for us both. Morphe has been a great and extremely consistent less expensive brand for years now. This bronzer you can get away with the steal. The one thing we slightly like better about Too Faced is just how smooth it goes on.. it does not tug at your skin whatsoever! We did a review here.

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eyeliner comparison - stila vs nyx. Splurge vs steal

Eyeliner is also something we love.. shocked? LOL.

Stila goes on beautifully, but comes at a heavier price tag. NYX is another well known, consistent (cheaper) brand that works well, too. NYX is more than half the price… say what?!??!

HOWEVER, if you can do the splurge… do it. I, Eva, like the precision & control of the Stila eyeliner just a tad bit more than NYX.

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Brightener eye pencil comparison - thrive vs NYX!

When Dawn & I were discussing this week’s SPLURGE VS. STEAL PART 2, we couldn’t NOT include these less-than-$5-eye brightener pencils from NYX!! Don’t let the eyeliner name fool you, you can use the lighter colors for brightening any part of the eye area!

We both also have the Thrive pencils. $20 more for basically the same thing? Don’t do it…stick with NYX!

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IT Cosmetics Vs Morphe eye crease brush!

You also may have seen we LOVE IT COSMETIC brushes and it’s rare anything comes close. HOWEVER, I (Eva) have been testing out Morphe brushes more and more lately. I am REALLY happy with them. I am able to really create an eyeshadow look that blends and one I can control without fall out everywhere.

If you have seen our recent Instagram feed, my eye makeup is all with Morphe eye brushes!

Dawn says: “My niece turned me onto Morphe brushes years ago. Not as good as It Brushes but for the price they are awesome!”

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COSRX vs The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid... go with the splurge!

A true SPLURGE VS. STEAL here, and we can’t help but say.. GO WITH THE SPLURGE for an amazing hyaluronic acid product!! COSRX blows The Ordinary out of the water and we are 100% unanimous in that decision.

For both of us, COSRX just melts into our skin and our skin eats it up. Also, the bottle is HUGE. We simply cannot get enough. ***We did NOT feel that way about The Ordinary, unfortunately. However, it really is a good price, but the bottle is smaller.

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Last but not least….we couldn’t not include a home/kitchen product. You see how much we both love YETI, but Yeti is pricey.

Yeti dupe for the win...go for the steal!

I don’t even know how to pronounce Muchenghy but the price is fantastic & the reviews are excellent.

Splurge vs. steal – take the steal!

These are great and just in time for SUMMER!

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SO there you have 6 amazing Splurge Vs. Steals for the week!

What else would you add? Tell us!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Splurge vs. Steal part 1 edition! We are excited to put this together on this Good Friday.

How has your week been?

Honestly, to us, it feels like things are some-what getting back to normal? We hate to say that and jinx it though!

splurge vs steal part 1

SO, we have been trying a lot or products lately. We’ve been on a mission to find less expensive versions of our favorites. Basically, we are spending the money so you don’t have to. lol.


Of course, we LOVE the splurge products, but if you are on a tight budget, the steals are a great comparable/compromise.

We make a very small commission if you use our links & it is at NO cost to you 🥰 thank you for the support!!

It Cosmetics Vs Maybelline Fit Me. Splurge vs steal

If you can afford the splurge, do that…but both are AMAZING on the skin. We talk about both of these a lot. Your skin looks flawless and smooth. The IT Cosmetics one just feels a tad lighter and your skin really feels great (I, Eva, notice this mostly when I go to take my makeup off.. just how incredible my skin feels).

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IT Cosmetics


MASCARA MAGIC! Mac Vs. Maybelline. Splurge vs. steal.

The steal in this one is SO WORTH IT!!! Both are great, but if you can save money, why not!

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the original beauty blender vs. real techniques... both are great but one is definitely cheaper!!

Most everyone has heard of a Beauty Blender. But is $20 necessary? Sure, I mean, it works! But I, Eva, have been using the much less expensive version by Real Techniques. WHAT A STEAL at $5.99. You can get four of these babies for the price of one. I find it works just as well at the BB.

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Beauty Blender

Real Techniques

another IT Cosmetics vs Maybelline Fit Me splurge vs. steal.

Dawn has been loving the FIT ME powder. I, Eva, say no….don’t do the steal on this one – buy the IT Cosmetics. We are split 50/50 here. lol. The Fit Me powder is OK but I find it drying. Dawn loves it like I said and has no issues!

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Fit Me Powder

It Cosmetics Air Brush

eyeshadow comparison! Mac vs Morphe!

Mac is a staple for most.. classic, if you will. But we LOVE the Morphe shadow palette’s. You get SO MUCH for your money!!

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Last but not least for splurge vs. steal part one….

Lash primer!! splurge vs.steal. both are good but Lancome really is GREAT

Lancôme Cils Booster is a STAPLE FOR BOTH OF US! We are hooked, obsessed, and have a whole review on it here.

However, L’Oreal you are a great alternative to save a few bucks. I, Eva, will say, the L’Oreal one doesn’t last nearly as long, so you probably use two tubes by the time you only use one Lancôme.

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Choice is yours…lol. Both work, but Lancôme wins here.

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If you celebrate, we wish you a very Happy Easter! & Happy Belated Passover!

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