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HELLO!! Long time no blog. lol! Welcome to a new Lash Primer review.

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Eva here. and I’ll get straight the point!

I was randomly at Ulta a few weeks ago and discovered this BLUE lash primer. The price point sold me if I am being honest. I spend quite a bit on our beloved Lancome one – it has been a staple for me and Dawn for YEARS!) – and decided to give this a shot.

Morphe Blue Lash Primer!! LOVE THIS!

The DETAILS!! ⬇️

Morphe’s The Big Prime Lash Primer’s unique blue shade preps your lashes for larger-than-life volume and amplifies the effects and color intensity of your mascara.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I was pleasantly surprised with at only $10.00, how well this worked. Let’s check it out.

What the Morphe blue primer actually looks like
What the Morphe blue lash primer actually looks like on your lashes
What the Morphe primer actually looks like on your lashes - it's very blue

You can see above, it really does coat your lashes blue.

SO WITH THAT SAID… you need to be patient. The blue doesn’t just disappear with one coat of mascara. I will be honest, it takes many. Like 3+.


But like all good things…it’s worth the time it takes because it really does work.

Here is the after:

Nice and full lashes after using Morphe blue eye lash primer
These are my real lashes. I don’t have fake ones.

I will say this though: if I am in a rush, I will use my beloved Lancome. Sometimes I only have like 20 seconds to throw on makeup and I don’t want to put the million coats of my usual mascara. lol. Dawn and I have issues and use like 10 different mascaras at a time…haha.

To sum it all up: this Morphe Lash Primer a great alternative at an amazing price point. The only con is it does require more patience than white coated primers. I can’t speak yet to how long this lasts because I am still on my first one (Lancome primer lasts FOREVER).

So we are trying to get back to the swing of some blog posts! How is your summer going so far?

Let us know please if you found this review helpful!

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dawn and eva the cousin connections five things friday

Hi Everyone & Happy Friday! Another edition of Five Things Friday Summer Edition coming at you! We have a very good mix today (edition part one found here).

Let’s start with the 2 beauty/body products first, then get to home items.

  • Jergens Natural Glow Daily MoisturizerDawn here! Who doesn’t love a natural sun glow without having to get in the sun?!?! I use this as my daily moisturizer after showering. It is quick absorbing with a very light scent. Definitely make note that it is not completely odorless. ONLY WARNING MUST WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY once you are finished applying this product. This comes in different tones which is awesome. There is also a Jergens Natural Glow for faces only, which I also love! Prices vary but Amazon has one of the lowest prices $8.29. Eva here – I have used this and also love it… it is buildable which is great to get to the color you desire. I also agree, it is not odorless – so watch that!
jergens natural glow
  • Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser – Dawn here. THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!!Just follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly your symptoms will clear up! You can also use this as a preventative measure. Tecnu has a variety of different products to choose from. My favorite is the original but they are all amazing. This product can be purchased at Amazon or at any drugstore!
Tecnu original
  • Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener – We both absolutely love this wine opener. Dawn has the best review:
    • $35.00 on Amazon.
    • Battery Operated ~ takes 4 AA Batteries.
    • Removes cork effortlessly!
    • I usually “struggle” with cork removal and even I can manage this without assistance! Lol!
    • Hold button switch down (make sure it goes all the way down) make sure you hold bottle of wine firmly. When the corkscrew stops, lift the corkscrew away from the bottle. To release the cork simply press the upper part of the switch.
    • Comes with a base to store opener when not in use. Base also has a foil cutter on the bottom (Which Eva loves – she likes to always get the foil off first).
brookstone automatic wine opener
  • Portable Clip-on Fan – I (Eva) absolutely love this little gadget! This has been life-changing for us as a family (dramatic, I know, lol)… but we use this at the beach when we try to get our 19-month-old son to nap. It clips right onto anywhere you want it (stroller, wagon, etc) and runs off of a battery that is rechargeable. Pretty self explanatory & really works… and we got many successful naps thus far and keeps him cool! See the picture below – look closely to the top left. You will see the fan clipped on.
portable fan for napping baby!
  • Kids Protein Clif Bars – last but not least! I, Eva, just had to include these. These may say “for kids”, but I eat them regularly and they are a great in-between-meal type of snack. I order several boxes at a time from Amazon on a subscription basis, and we plow through them. They are only 130 calories with quite a few grams of protein and some fiber. I will be honest, they probably only satisfy my hunger for 90 min or so at max, but hey it’s something. I’m also glad my kids will eat these more often than not and prevents them from crashing off all the sugary-donuts & muffins they tend to gravitate towards.
best on the go protein bar - kids clif bar

Well that’s all we’ve got for today… we cannot believe we are half-way through August. Next week we have another video planned and hoping to get it released by Wednesday. Stay tuned, we have some very exciting things to share!


Hi all, and Happy Friday! #TGIF. This is our very first post on our new site, “The Cousin Connections”, and we are so excited to finally bring our ideas to life. A little background on our mission: we will be posting early in the week a product review that pertains to fashion and beauty. On Friday’s, we will do a “Five Things Friday” post and share some of our favorite “things” from all over the map. As always, our blog and instagram may evolve over time as we see fit.

So let’s get to it! Here are our favorite summer products part 1. Some are Eva’s picks and some are Dawn’s… and we will figure out how the writing narrative will go as we get into it – bear with us 🙂

  • Yeti Travel Mugs. Of course, we have known about the Yeti brand for quite some time, but this summer we became fond of the travel mugs. They are perfect for BBQ’s, any travel you do, and even just to have a lid on your drink at home! Even sitting in the driveway watching the kids play, Eva finds these perfect for any outdoor activity.
Best Travel Mug for all drink types!
  • Commercial Grade Juice Press – holy cow this thing is AMAZING! Eva’s husband Nick discovered this early in April, and they have been obsessed ever since. Freshly squeezed fruit juice of all kinds, for any drink, for any occasion. We also have found this makes a great house-warming gift. This is definitely a must-have for any house-hold. Even Eva’s 5-year-old daughter loves freshly squeezed orange juice. On a more adult-beverage-related-note, this makes the freshest, lightest, and most delicious margaritas. If you don’t like super sugary drinks, this device is perfect for that fresh and non-sweet margarita. Here it is in action at Eva’s house:
  • Sun Bum Lotion – This is one of Dawn’s absolute favorite summer-time lotions. We have shopped around and it looks like Amazon has the best price, but we’ll get to that in a minute. We should also note, it is also HSA/FSA eligible! What Dawn loves about it is that it’s made with quality ingredients, dermatologist tested, gluten free, paraben free, vegan, hypoallergenic, oxybenzobe free, etc! We are pretty positive it’s not all natural but close to it. It has a great smell and it is water resistant. Dawn says she gets great color even when using a high SPF. Also, the clear zinc is her favorite for sensitive areas… she says, “especially for scars (lord knows I have tons of them)!” Dawn says she does not use it on her face – she has read from other reviews if you do use it on your face it could burn or sting your eyes – something along those lines. Last not but least, it’s moderately priced and they also have a product line for kids. We have searched high and low for a good deal on this and you can get 40% off one of them when you buy 2 on Amazon – and we verified it:
  • Clarins Sun Screen LotionSo here is a little pricier of an option for a great sun screen that Dawn absolutely loves. We shopped around and found the best price at Walmart. Dawn says, “I’ve been using Clarins Sunscreen products for years! It’s non-greasy, lightweight, great for people with sensitive skin, but it’s great for all skin types. When I use Clarins I get the best color along with sunscreen UVB and UVB protection. I also love that Clarins has different SPF’s to choose from along with spray oil, lotions and creams! Anti-aging and anti-pollution products! It can be pricey but it’s worth it! Looks like the cost has come down on Walmart!” The best part about the spray-oil is that you can also spray it in your hair for protection – GREAT for Eva’s blonde hair that she is extremely picky about 😉
Sun Screen & Oil Spray

  • Zero Gravity recliner with cup holder – last product of the summer edition 1 is pretty self-explanatory! Who doesn’t love a great outdoor chair with a cup holder?! What we both absolutely love about these chairs is it comes in a set of 2, multiple colors, and truthfully really comfortable. This is great for the patio even in the fall around a fire-pit. Another great gift to give!

Ok, that’s it for now. SEE YOU SOON!!! 🙂